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article imageOp-Ed: Debt bill passes House — The credibility gap remains, jerks

By Paul Wallis     Aug 2, 2011 in Politics
Washington - It was awfully sweet of the US Congress to condescend to vote for not sending the US and the rest of the world broke. Thanks for the endless financial mismanagement which is hitting the world like a machete every day. The issue now is credibility.
Bill passed or not, it’s difficult to express exactly how much damage the US has done to its image in just a month or so. From the national humiliation of the 2008 crash to a state where it was possible to trash the global credit card in 24 hours, it’s been one long river of laughs. Europe hasn’t done much better, with a collection of basket cases/ unemployable money launderers now on center stage.
Some party, eh? The world is now presumably expected to wait patiently for the next disaster. This geriatric Mammon is no beauty queen. As predictable as incontinence, the news dribbles out of yet another breakthrough in fiscal stupidity. A 5 year old child knows when they’ve got enough money to spend, but not the world’s governments? Kids are taught to save, but not the world’s duly elected spoilt brats?
A few bean counters can find out, years after the fact, that lending to a country is a bad risk? How, exactly, does the US propose to fund education 20 years from now? Holding raffles? Holding an America’s Got Waiters marathon? The myth of aspiration is looking pretty sick, isn’t it?
On the other hand, maybe having a next generation of illiterates in Congress will be as entertaining and expensive as the current bozo factory. Las Vegas could revive on bets for the next twist in Washington and elsewhere in the nuthouse:
1/10- Someone from the Tea Party quotes dogma and mispronounces the word “and”
2/1- Wall Street invents a financial product with no value at all, and sells it for millions to the government as securities… again
3/1 Cybercrime becomes the only paying IT course in US colleges
4/1 US pensioners will be required by law to be reincarnated to pay for their medication
5/1 Monsanto sues people for not eating its GM food
6/1 A new theme park, Koch Land, opens up with a horror house full of single mothers who ride bicycles
7/1 Creationists issue a prospectus for a stock float on old forest timber
8/1 State funding gets environmental protection status
9/1 The world ends, and someone in the South gets a job
100/1 Michigan’s economy is rediscovered
200/1 Cleveland is officially declared a bird sanctuary, to explain the housing market prices and the birdseed paid for them
As you can see, these are potentially big money bets. The US wouldn’t need taxes. It could fund everything on the basis of improbabilities, which would be a damn sight more believable than the current situation.
Keep it up, guys, you’re doing great.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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