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article imageOp-Ed: More conspiracy nonsense about Norway – and maybe some sense

By Alexander Baron     Jul 31, 2011 in Politics
As the investigation into the mass murders in Norway continues, so does the lurid speculation, but one British commentator may be talking more sense than most.
“I have talked over the years about the 'Blueprint', the interlocking global structure, in which every country and even community is controlled and manipulated in the same way through webs within bigger webs until they all connect into the global web.” – so quoth David Icke in his latest newsletter. He continues: “The Illuminati in all its forms has blueprints for virtually everything - repeating sequences and themes on the basis of 'if it works why change it?' We have seen yet another example of this with the bombing and shootings in Norway which are a blueprint classic - a mind-controlled gunman and shots being fired simultaneously by a professional killer; and 'bomb exercises' by Norwegian police in the same area days before the real one went off.”
Yeah Dave, we know, and this will be used as a pretext by the Obama administration to repeal the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, and implant microchips in the backs of all our necks. Sigh.
Icke's latest newsletter also includes photographs of 6 lone gunmen including Anders Breivik, Mark David Chapman and yes, you guessed it, Lee Harvey (I’m just a patsy) Oswald. Exactly what is the connection betwen Chapman – the murderer of John Lennon – and the man arrested for the recent outrages in Norway remains to be seen, but maybe it just has something to do with the House of Rothschild?
At one time, this sort of drivel would have been denounced to High Heaven as rabid anti-Semitism, and Icke consigned to the memory hole as a non-person. Alas, the power of the International Jewish Conspiracy does seem to be on the wane of late, or maybe there is a schism, because an organised attempt by a powerful Jewish organisation to have so-called Holocaust Deniers thrown off Facebook has been rebuffed on the grounds of free speech. Facebook is of course owned by Jewish entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg, who on account of its massive membership base could be regarded as the most powerful Jewish media mogul in the world. Maybe the Elders of Zion forgot to invite him to their annual conference. Or maybe he doesn’t like anyone, Gentile or Jew, telling him whom he can invite to his party.
It should be stressed in case there is any misunderstanding, that David Icke is no manner of anti-Semite, but like a certain Miss Mackworth-Praed who has chosen to champion an even less popular cause, he is riding high in the gullibility stakes. Here is some practical advice Dave: don’t believe everything the government tells you about its enemies, and don’t believe everything its enemies tell you about the government.
Mr Icke is of course far from the only person pointing the finger at International Zionism, but although the brutality of the Israeli Government particularly towards the Palestinians is a matter of record, as is the power of the lobby that Abraham Foxman and his ilk insist does not exist (and only an anti-Semite would even suggest it does), there is absolutely no credible evidence of Israeli, Mossad, or any other agency’s involvement in this terrible tragedy. Breivik’s own claim that he is part of some sort of sinister underground network has likewise been dismissed as unworthy of belief, and frankly the Norwegian authorities are much more reliable than David Icke, or any of those other nutters who dismiss as globalist shills everyone who doesn’t accept their grand conspiracy theory as an article of faith.
That being said, there is one columnist whose thoughts on this subject do warrant further investigation. Writing in the Daily Mail, Peter Hitchens makes a connection between Anders Breivik and two domestic killers: David Bieber and Raol Moat. That connection is not International Zionism, the Illuminati or Prince Philip, but mind-altering drugs.
David Bieber is currently being held at HMP Full Sutton, and is apparently pally with Michael Stone. Bieber was a bodybuilder and drug dealer among his other sins; he was suspected of the murder of a fellow bodybuilder and an attempted murder of a former girlfriend in his native America, and entered the UK in 1996 on a fake passport in the name Nathan Wayne Coleman. In December 2003, he murdered a police officer after being stopped in a stolen car with false number plates.
Raol Moat was also a bodybuilder; he was serving a sentence in Durham Prison when his ex-girlfriend – with whom he had a young daughter - finished with him, but added fatally (and falsely) that her new lover was a police officer, apparently in an attempt to scare him off. It didn’t work, and after his release, Moat acquired a sawn off shotgun, murdered Samantha Stobbart’s lover Chris Brown (no, not that Chris Brown), and shot and injured her. Then, hours later, he shot and blinded PC David Rathband apparently as an act of revenge for Stobbart leaving him for a police officer. While there is such a thing as a crime of passion, these acts were clearly not those of a rational man, as a number of recorded messages Moat made shortly before his death clearly reveal. After an extensive manhunt, Moat was cornered by the police, but committed suicide before he could be subdued.
In his Daily Mail article, Peter Hitchens alludes to several other cases of people who lost it big time, and who may also have been under the influence of mind-altering drugs. Though both David Bieber and Raol Moat were violent men, it remains to be seen if their later homicidal attacks were due entirely to their violent natures or if these were responsible at least in part to anabolic steroids or whatever they were using at the time. Likewise, Anders Breivik, Jared Loughner and others may be thoroughly nasty pieces of work anyway, and must be held to account for their misdeeds, but if bad people are ingesting chemicals that make them worse, then clearly something should be done about it.
This is not a far flung hypothesis, the results of that widely used mind-altering drug alcohol can be seen at any busy A&E on any Saturday night. Hitchens’ suggestion is one that deserves serious investigation, unlike some of the claptrap peddled by David Icke and grand conspiracy cranks everywhere.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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