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article imageWill a nation full of questions about Caylee get some answers?

By Genevieve Julich     Jul 27, 2011 in Entertainment
From the beginning to the end, when two-year-old Caylee Anthony first disappeared to the awaited moments of the Trial of the Century one thing still remains after it's all said and done to a nation full of questions. What really happened to Caylee?
A case that had notable coverage from all angles on a national, international, and social media level grabbed the attention of people everywhere. What started in 2008 and lasted until July 2011 was an investigation and trial full of unknowns. For years now so much is still unknown about the tragic death of this little girl.
Casey Anthony who was released from jail on July 17, 2011, walked free a week ago from charges against her of 1st degree murder, aggravated man slaughter, and aggravated child abuse. Serving her time only for the charges of four misdemeanor counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer.
Throughout the entire investigation and trial Casey Anthony said very little if anything at all regarding what happened to her daughter.
Anthony though may finally get a chance to speak about her story after so much silence.
With so much controversy surrounding the tot mom it's only expected that this news stirs up even more.
In recent days it has been reported that certain big TV networks such as ABC are offering Casey Anthony as much as $1.5 million dollars for her story.
This controversy lies between many thoughts. First, what can be said for a network that is willing to pay $1.5 million for an interview? Is this even allowed?
Apparently not.
According to an article in the Daily Mail high profile lawyer Mark Geragos said that, "The payment of fees for interviews is strictly forbidden among American TV networks."
The article stated that, "The price the ABC network was willing to spend, was in 2008, ABC paid Casey Anthony's family $200,000 for photos, just before she was charged with her daughter Caylee's murder. They also paid Roy Kronk, who first discovered Caylee's remains, $15,000 to license 'a photo of a snake'"
With high profile cases throughout the years it could be assumed that this is not the first case of a big TV network paying for a interview.
Big networks such as NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX have all covered high profile celebrities and trial cases throughout the years.
It's interesting to see what kind of notoriety Anthony will or will not get from this. Recent reports surface as of yesterday that ABC will not be paying for exclusive interviews anymore.
Most important though these are the networks that report our news. What will the audiences response be from a nation that had opinions for years about Anthony, some believing whole-heartedly that she got away with murder.
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