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article imageWhole Foods employee's resignation letter goes viral

By Alexandra Christopoulos     Jul 26, 2011 in Food
Toronto - In a scathing resignation letter, a disgruntled Whole Foods employee wrote spending several years on the job was like "falling down a really long, spiky hill." A hill lined with fire and acid, to be more specific.
After working at the grocer for six years in a Toronto store, the employee fired off the epic letter to the entire company, calling out what they see as blatantly wrong and likening the chain to a 'faux, hippy, Walmart.' Its author then moves on to targeting specific employees for their personality faults, including someone who the ex-employee thought belonged in a psychiatric ward, while others were referred to as chauvinists and sociopaths.
Referring to yet another ex-colleague as an example, the author writes: "We get it, we get it. You go to the gym. Nobody is impressed. In fact, we all just laugh at your inferiority complex."
The bitter (to say the least) ex- employee then goes into specifics about what they perceive are the company's flaws, which included accusing the chain of abandoning its core values, claiming the Toronto location failed at everything from recycling initiatives to supporting its employees.
"You let some customers abuse your employees and then actually reward the customers for their behaviour and then trample on the integrity and honour of your abused employees," the letter reads.
There is also whining about outdated computer systems and passive-aggressive managers, before the author suggests the company overvalues work ethic.
"Oh, you actually think being 20 minutes late matters? You know Whole Foods Market is just a grocery store, right?" the letter reads
Their name, as well as all current employees cited in the letter were all removed after Gawker re-posted the rant on its website Sunday night. By Tuesday, the page had generated more than 340, 965 page views, with the story being picked up by various websites and blogs.
On Twitter, the tirade is drawing comparisons to the infamous JetBlue airline incident, where former employee Steven Slater quit over the plane's public address system and then slid into unemployment in a huff after coming down the emergency chute.
Kate Kloztz, public relations manager for Whole Foods, responded to the allegations, adding, "We disagree with this former team member's statements and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours."
The author ends their raging rant by telling other co-workers to put life in perspective.
"You work at a grocery store. Go ahead and relax," the author writes.
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