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article imageArtist creates mural with Post-it notes

By Lynn Curwin     Jul 27, 2011 in Entertainment
Vancouver - Post-it notes have played a big role in Immony Men's life lately, but not for leaving messages; the artist has created a floor-to-ceiling mural with the small pieces of paper.
Men, 28, recently created a mural - called Taking Care of Business - at the Grunt Gallery, in Vancouver. He has previously done so at other galleries across the country.
"Taking Care of Business is an exhibition that takes the form of a time-based performance/installation that depicts the social entrapment of the everyday white-collar workforce," the Montreal-based artist states on his website.
"The performance is the work process itself: I have created a series of murals made from thousands of inkjet-printed Post-its that cover the gallery walls. The installation lasts approximately 15 days; each day is structured around the 9 to 5 office work schedule. During this time the public is invited to come visit the space while I am constructing each mural."
The image he uses comes from Montreal’s Belgo Building.
"I get to work and have a coffee -the first hours pass really quickly," he told the Vancouver Sun.
"It's the last hours that seem to be the longest."
Each version of the work was adjusted to fit the gallery where it was created.
He said that when he first began working on the piece, four years ago, there was more disdain for the white-collar world involved than there is now.
“At first it left a sour taste in my mouth, to go through that 9 to 5 routine, have two days a week where you recover from the work week and then you might have a one- or two-week vacation at the end or middle of the year," he told the Globe and Mail.
He now believes "different people need different things, and financial stability is quite comfortable.”
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