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article imageTopFinds: Grilling the Murdochs in the UK, NASA's asteroid pic

By David Silverberg     Jul 22, 2011 in Internet
James and Rupert Murdoch face intense questioning at a British hearing. NASA reveals up-close images of the Vesta asteroid. How small-business owners are adapting to the economy. These are the top stories making headlines on
As we do every week on Friday, we've collected the top stories (as voted by you) and compiled them on one page. Our writers discussed the Murdoch hearings over the phone hacking scandal, NASA's stunning image of the Vesta asteroid, the struggle for American businesses to stay relevant in a post-recession economy, and many other stories.
We also highlight some of major topics Digital Journalists have been covering recently. Note you can see the trending topics at the top of any page on, under the category bar. They are changing constantly to reflect what people are reading on the site.

Hot topics on Digital Journal

Phone hacking news
Tiger Woods news
NASA news
We also want to welcome a couple new Digital Journalists to the team, so check out some of the great reportage by Lahmeik Stacey and Alexandra Christopoulos. Feel free to offer them some encouragement in their comment feeds.

Top Digital Journal Reports

Ryan's Story: Living with epilepsy in hard times (Includes first-hand account) by KJ Mullins
Ryan's life changed quickly. A fight. A punch to the nose that could have killed him. Instead Ryan, still in his early 20's is dealing with frontal lobe epilepsy. The seizures have cost him two jobs.
Small business owners make adjustments during economic downturn by Kay Mathews
In response to what is being called the Great Recession, small business owners in Northwest Arkansas are taking steps to address new economic realities and prosper in the midst of this downturn.
Op-Ed: Reviewing Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' album (Includes first-hand account) by Matt Harding
I'm privileged to be able to write a review for this phenomenal album, namely because I get to listen to all of the songs repeatedly. (Yes, it's that good.)
 The Edge of Glory  single cover
'The Edge of Glory' single cover
By thinhin_of_you
For Bradley Cooper, his career and life looks ‘Limitless’ (Includes interview and first-hand account) by Earl Dittman
Want to become rich and famous overnight? Take a pill just like the one superstar actor Bradley Cooper's character does in his latest film ‘Limitless’ (soon on Blu-ray/DVD) and experience the pros and cons that accompany instant riches and fame.
Bakery creates 'Noynoy Bread' in honor of Philippine president (Includes interview and first-hand account) by Romeo Marquez
Philippine President Noynoy Aquino is the latest celebrity to be honored with a special bread by a Filipino creative baker in San Diego, California.

Top Images

Cyclists on Jarvis Street in Toronto  protesting the mayor s decision to kill the bike lane on the s...
Cyclists on Jarvis Street in Toronto, protesting the mayor's decision to kill the bike lane on the street
Canadian Geese
Canadian Geese
Landscape in Pu Mat National Park  Annamite Mountain Range in NorthEast Vietnam.
Landscape in Pu Mat National Park, Annamite Mountain Range in NorthEast Vietnam.
Rolf Müller
Labor Unions in support of CPMC  showed up at the steps of City Hall on July 14  2011
Labor Unions in support of CPMC, showed up at the steps of City Hall on July 14, 2011

In the Media

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation wants a new toilet by KJ Mullins
Most of the world doesn't think about toilets but in remote areas that have little water, and no sanitary systems toilets can mean life and death. In many areas of the developing world human waste enters into the water system resulting in disease.
Vernal Falls claims three hikers in Yosemite (updated) by Gar Swaffar
Since the beginning of published accounts in 1920, there have been at least 13 hikers who have been swept over the edge of Vernal Falls in Yosemite National Park. Three hikers have gone missing in the area, according to media reports.
NASA s Dawn spacecraft obtained this image with its framing camera on July 17  2011. It was taken fr...
NASA's Dawn spacecraft obtained this image with its framing camera on July 17, 2011. It was taken from a distance of about 9,500 miles (15,000 kilometers) away from the protoplanet Vesta. Each pixel in the image corresponds to roughly 0.88 miles (1.4 kilometers).
NASA's Dawn probe reveals up-close images of Vesta asteroid by Andrew Moran
After four years in space and travelling 1.7 billion miles (188 million kilometres), NASA's Dawn spacecraft has captured images of the Vesta asteroid, which many believe is the source of many meteorites landing on Earth.
Is James Murdoch willfuly blind to willful blindness? by Arthur Weinreb
When appearing before a parliamentary committee yesterday, the young Murdoch appeared stunned when asked if he knew what willful blindness was.
Cash Cab production vehicle hits, kills 61-year-old man by Kim I. Hartman
Vancouver Police Department officials have confirmed that a production vehicle used in the filming of the Canadian version of the Cash Cab series was involved in a one-car accident that claimed the life of a pedestrian.
Casey Anthony's attorney hit with unanswerable question by Joan Firstenberg
Can Casey Anthony, the Florida mother accused and exonerated of killing her toddler daughter, now be trusted to do a job as a babysitter? It's a tough issue even for the lawyer who got her off.
Op-Ed: A review of music-sharing software Spotify by Abigail Prendergast
Spotify, a music-sharing program that has been popular in Europe for a while, has just stepped foot into the United States. Is it worth the price?
Fox News mixes up UK phone-hacking scandal with data hacking by David Silverberg
On the show Fox & Friends, host Steve Doocy invited a PR expert to explain his view on the UK phone-hacking scandal, but they both mistakenly believed the voicemail hacking was related to the data breaches caused by hackers such as Anonymous.
Juan Manuel Marquez scores first round knockout over Likar Ramos by Leo Reyes
WBO, WBA and Ring Lightweight Champion Juan Manuel Marquez (53-5-1, 39 KO) Juan Manuel Marquez scores a first round knockout over Likar Ramos of Columbia in a tune up match leading up to a third fight with Manny Pacquiao in November.
Caddie Steve Williams and golfer Tiger Woods
Caddie Steve Williams and golfer Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods and long-time caddie Steve Williams go separate ways by Leo Reyes
Famous golfer Tiger Woods and long-lime caddie Steve Williams have finally called it quits after 12 years of impressive partnership that racked up more than 10 championship wins for the top golfer.

Top Blogs

My Good Boy 'Z' by Jacki Viles
I have two dogs. A lab pit mix and a purebred German Rottweiler. To say the Rottie gets the most attention is an...
Lexiphile's play‏ by Debra Myers
A lexiphile is a lover of words; one who is fascinated by words and language. Example of a lexiphile's play : A...
It's Official: Palin film is out by Tim O'Brien
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