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article imageOp-Ed: Craigslist poster tells the truth about animal shelters

By KJ Mullins     Jul 19, 2011 in World
Toronto - A posting from Toronto in Craigslist last week shows the views of an animal shelter director when it comes animals that they tend for. The posting titled: Can't Keep Your Pet! Reality Check deals with the very real problem of 'disposable' pets.
The poster said that they thought that anyone who surrendered a pet should have to work for one day in the back area of an animal shelter. That statement has been echoed by many animal activists in the Greater Toronto Area.
Toronto has a serious problem with people buying a cute puppy only to find that they do not have the time or will power to commit to their pet as it grows. Many believe that if they take their purebred pet to a shelter that it will quickly be adopted. The truth is regardless of an animal's perigee if put in a shelter there is a 90 percent chance that it will never walk out again.
When an animal is put into a shelter it's living on a very limited time frame. If the shelter is crowded your pet has only 72 hours to get someone else to fall in love with it or it will be put to sleep. If your dog or cat gets ill that time frame is thrown out. A cough or sneeze can be a death sentence.
The pets left behind cry for their owners. Confined to a small place with many other sad animals your sweet dog will change. They will be placed in a cage where they will eat, sleep and use the bathroom. Their waste will be removed with a hose.
Some animals are already marked for death as they are walked through the doors. Dogs that are considered 'Bully' breeds like pit bulls, rottie and mastiff have a short life in a shelter.
Death does not come easily for the condemned in a shelter. Healthy dogs are walked to their doom thinking that for once someone cares enough to spend time with them. Their dogs wag happily until they reach The Room.
The Room gives all animals a panic attack. Death must hover in the air. The animals know what is about to happen and they fight it. One of two workers will hold down your dog that you just gave away and stick a needle into a vein. That needle contains 'pink stuff', a lethal dose that will end their life.
It's not a peaceful ending. It costs money to give an animal a tranquilizer, money that most shelters don't waste. Your dog will have spasms as they gasp for just one more breath of air. They will defecate on themselves. Then they will die with no one who loves them around.
Your cute little puppy will now be frozen, stacked with others in a large freezer. The animals are then cremated, taken to the dump, become pet food or used for schools to experiment on. It's not up to you. You have already signed away your pet's life and death.
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