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Op-Ed: Potty-mouthed parrot needs new owner

By Joie Maccarone     Jul 15, 2011 in Lifestyle
Edmonton - Monty, the foul-mouthed parrot, is looking for a new home. Since it seems that Monty is a parrot with an attitude, doesn’t like kids, and happens to be rather picky about who handles him, finding Monty a home may prove to be quite the challenge.
It appears the 45-year-old Macaw lived with his owners for his entire life. Unfortunately, his aging owners can no longer care for Monty or maybe they’ve just had enough of his seemingly obnoxious behaviour and foul language. Whatever the cause, Monty now needs to find someone who has plenty of experience in handling parrots and one who is able to make a life long commitment.
When Monty arrived at the Edmonton Humane Society, the staff was warned about Monty’s foul-mouthed tendencies. Spokeswoman for the humane society Shawna Randolph indicated that members of an exotic bird rescue group did mention Monty’s “flowery vocabulary.”
However, in spite of the fact that Monty's choice of words may not always be suitable for polite company, or rather because of it, there have been several calls to the Edmonton Humane Society from people who are rather keen to adopt him.
Knowing peoples’ interests in adopting Monty may not be all the right reasons to send him off to a new home, so Randolph is screening all callers. According to CBC, Randolph said, “We want to make sure that someone isn't just getting caught up in the novelty of it: 'Oh this bird. He's pretty cool. He even says some pretty funny things.'"
So far, while Monty’s been awaiting for someone to adopt him, he’s been behaving himself and hasn’t said anything vulgar.
According to Randolph, the only thing they’ve heard him say is 'old bird', and 'hello.' And occasionally, Monty’s let out a burp.
Monty isn’t the only parrot with an extensive and vulgar vocabulary. Monty can only speak English. This bird Ruby, is fluent in French and English and can swear like a drunken sailor in both languages.
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