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article imageOp-Ed: Do TTC streetcar drivers ring their gong, horn too often now?

By Daniel Boyington     Jul 14, 2011 in Travel
Toronto - Are Toronto people getting to the point where they just ignore the gong or the horn from the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) drivers because in the last five years they just seem to dinging them over and over for no reason whatsoever.
Do TTC drivers on streetcars ring their GONG, BELL too often, is anyone listening any more? I don’t think so.
How does it go, calling wolf too many times, and then people just ignore you when it’s important? Just within the last few years, the TTC added a horn to the streetcars because people were ignoring the GONG and now they ring the horn too much too. Another passing streetcar, they ring the gong, a passing friend, they ring the gong, just driving down the street, they ring the gong, give me a break.
TTC streetcar at Queens Quay
TTC streetcar at Queens Quay
When I see a streetcar that says, TRAINING VEHICLE on the front, I always shout out, ” teach him how to ring the BELL,” and then of course they ring the bell, for no reason. It’s out of control, it’s like a “TOY” for the drivers, instead of using it for an emergency purpose. Near our home along College, they turn south and around the whole corner, they just keep ringing the bell, over and over, instead of just watching and looking.
The TTC has been under fire for the last few years and yet I believe it is a great service, and the vast majority of drivers are very professional, but in the case of the streetcars ringing the bell, that does not RING true. I would say nearly every one of them rings the bell too often.
And while I’m at it, how is it the security force on the TTC are not fully appointed police officers with guns, and although they are not, they still have red lights on the security cars? Does that mean if they are driving down the street with their red lights flashing, I must pull over? I always thought in Ontario I only need to pull over for emergency vehicles, police, fire and ambulance?
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