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article imageOp-Ed: Wisconsin mom turns in her teens for robbery

By Joie Maccarone     Jul 12, 2011 in Crime
Milwaukee - While a mom watched a T.V news report about an attack and a raid at a gas station which was perpetrated by four teens, she recognized two of the four adolescents as being her very own teenage kids.
One of the teens involved happened to be her 15-year-old son and the other was her 13-year-old daughter.
It seems this parent was so outraged about the fact that her kids were involved in illegal activities that she reported them to the police.
According to her: "These are not the kind of kids that I’m raising to do stuff like this, and I feel like I put all my hard work and energy into my children, and for them to go out into the community and do things like that is just not acceptable.”
Her children’s behaviour may not be acceptable but is it acceptable for a mother to turn in her own children? Wasn’t there a better way for her to deal with this?
As a parent, I don’t believe that I would have turned them in. I most certainly would have found another way of disciplining them. I recall one summer when I grounded them indefinitely. It seemed to have worked. They said it wasn't fair and begged for a lighter sentence.
What do you think? Did she do the right thing and if so why?
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