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Anal & oral sex soon to be decriminalized in southern state

By KJ Mullins     Jul 11, 2011 in World
In Louisiana it is illegal to have oral or anal sex . The original law went into the books in 1805 before the southern state made it into the union. Before the law changes it is a felony to have "unnatural carnal copulation."
To be honest though, it's still against the law for some.
For many in the world sex in the law books includes only sexual acts involving the penis and vagina. To have sex any other way is risking being arrested or in some parts of the world, death. The change in Louisiana now is based on paying for an 'unnatural act.'
According to The Stir most of those arrested and convicted of having 'unnatural sex' in the past in Louisiana were black women who were sex workers. Along with that arrest came a listing as a registered sex offender.
In August the law will make anal or oral sex that is paid for a misdemeanor instead of a felony. If convicted once offenders could face six months in jail and a fine of up to $500. Two convictions though still get the offender labeled with being a sex offender.
Registered sex offenders can range from an underage teen having sex with his willing underage teenage girlfriend to someone who rapes little children. The lifelong tag though carries the same realities once it's attached to your name. The slamming of a potential employer's door to not being allowed to go to a local gym that has children's activities.
Sodomy laws have been part of cultures since the Middle Assyrian Law Codes in 1075 BC. Back in those days if a man had anal sex with another man the law of the land turned him into a eunuch. In Roman times having sex with another man was okay as long as the one on the receiving end was a slave.
Then came Christianity and new sodomy laws began to emerge. Henry VIII, the man who thought beheading was a cool way to end a marriage, introduced the Buggery Act of 1533. That act made anal sex a life or death sex act, if you were caught you were sent to the gallows. The law was in affect until 1861.
Most states in the US have repealed laws that mainly dealt with homosexual acts. Even Texas ruled in 2003 that what went on in the consenting bedroom was none of the state's business.
Europe, most of North America, Latin America and South America have ended sodomy laws. That's not true though in many of the Caribbean islands. If you're into anything but 'straight' sex don't get caught with your pants down in places like Barbados and Jamaica.
In Africa and the Middle East however sodomy is a serious crime with some nations still punishing offenders with death.
In most Asian countries sodomy was never a crime to begin with.
A recent article in Bulawayo 24 about a workshop dealing with purity testing in Zimbabwe discussed young girls having anal and oral sex as a way to not lose their virginity. Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council programmes manager Mr Brian Nachipo said that today young people are very creative and that young people are taking chances with diseases like HIV to appear to be 'pure'.
“However, it is less relevant today because, mind you, there are alternative forms of sex. Young people have become very creative. Imagine if a girl is having anal or oral sex with her sugar daddy, she remains intact. She cannot be sexually pure although virginity was an indicator of purity.”
Nachipo also suggested that parents of teenage girls forbid them from movies and television shows that were not prescribed for their age levels.
In Canada buggery laws before 1859 carried the death penalty. In 1892 the laws changed to only target male homosexual sexual activity. Additional changes in 1948 and 1961 branded gay men as "criminal sexual psychopaths" and "dangerous sexual offenders" according to Wikipedia.
That's the past though in Canada. Since 1969 as long as the consenting parties are over the age of 18 they are free to have 'fun' as they see fit as long as it is only two people.
It is however against the law in Ontario to have live sex shows with oral and anal sex. That law has been in the news recently when Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty was accused of “absolute disrespect” when his government stopped the Toronto Police from shutting down a homosexual club, 'Flash on Church', that had live sex act.
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