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article imageCasey Anthony gets four years but will walk free July 17

By Abigail Prendergast     Jul 7, 2011 in Crime
Orlando - Accused and acquitted Casey Anthony has gotten a reduced four year sentence in jail with time served. In fact, she will be out on Wednesday which is sooner than most people expected.
Casey Anthony, who was acquitted for the murder of her daughter, Caylee, has received a four year sentence in jail. However even though the exact amount of time wasn't preordained until today, with the nearly three years she has already spent behind bars, it was speculated that she would more than likely be a free woman in a matter of weeks. The sentence, which was from the charges of lying to the police was ultimately decided by Chief Judge Belvin Perry as the result of communicating with lawyers regarding time served and good behavior on the part of the 25-year-old Anthony.
After the consideration of her credit for having been in jail since 2008 and the ability to conduct herself well in the process, the judge determined that Casey Anthony's final sentence will have her freed on the 17th of July.
Despite an additional $4,000 fine for fibbing to investigators - $1,000 for each charge - Anthony seemed to be very calm and collected with her hair hanging down. Her light brunette locks are usually tied up in a bun according to the Orlando Sentinel. Although Anthony herself was apparently relaxed, outside the courthouse there was a heavy sense of horror, anger and anguish. A small collective of people protesting the sentence and chanting "justice for Caylee" required two deputies to wear gas masks, while other officers patrolled the scene on horseback.
Anthony was accused of killing her two-year-old daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony back in the summer of 2008 by suffocating her with duct tape. Prosecutors say the reasoning behind such an act was the selfish motivation of being able to spend more time bar-hopping and with her boyfriend. But the defense argued that Caylee inadvertently perished by drowning in the family's swimming pool. After the tragedy, it is said that Anthony panicked when her father George - whom she had been residing with along with her mother Cindy at the time - who was formerly a police officer, made the scenario appear to be a murder.
After the death, Mr. Anthony allegedly proceeded to put duct tape of the toddler's mouth and dispose of the body in the woods a quarter-mile away from their suburban Orlando home. Anthony's defense also claimed she had been molested by her father which in turn caused her to adopt a carefree lifestyle in order to mask the sexual trauma she had endured. However her father strongly stated that neither the cover-up or sexual abuse allegations are factual. The prosecution also slammed both stories as being absurd and stated that nobody would disguise an accidental death as an intentional one.
The lies started to accumulate when Cindy Anthony requested to see her grand-daughter only to hear that Casey was either living in Jacksonville with wealthy boyfriend she made up, or that the nanny named Zanny - who was also fictitious - had gotten in a serious car accident and that Anthony and Caylee were visiting her in the hospital.
Cindy and George Anthony were contacted by a towing yard in July 2008. They were informed that their daughter had ditched her car and was subsequently impounded and that it would be junked if nobody came to claim it. According to MSNBC upon arriving to get the car, George along with the manager of the towing yard stated that "it had the overwhelming stench of human decomposition." The defense testified that the odor emanated from a bag of garbage that was left in the trunk.
The jurors involved in the Anthony trial turned down the offer to talk immediately after the not guilty verdict. However, juror Jennifer Ford said in a Wednesday night interview with ABC News "We were crying and it wasn't just the women." The 32-year-old nursing student added that "it was emotional and we just weren't ready." Ford, who mentioned this particular case was a troubling one, claimed that "I did not say she was innocent. I just said there was not enough evidence. If you cannot prove what the crime was, you cannot determine what the punishment will be."
The juror argued that the prosecution was incredibly hazy in the details regarding what had happened to Caylee. "I have no idea what happened to that child," she said.
"At least [Casey] won't be able to pop the champagne cork tonight," stated Orlando real estate broker Flora Reece, who held up a sign saying "Arrest the Jury" upon the announcement of Anthony's sentence and resulting protests.
It has been reported that the Anthony family has received death threats amidst the acquittal and reduced sentence. "Some of them are potentially valid," Mark Lippman, who is George and Cindy Anthony's attorney said to the TODAY Show. "Most of them are from people emailing their feelings and just saying, you know, 'I hope you're all dead.' If it's coming from Nebraska, I don't consider it a major-level threat, but if it's from somebody in who's in Orlando, obviously we have to have more concern."
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