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article imageCasey Anthony will not be released from jail, free July 13 or 17

By Daniel Boyington     Jul 7, 2011 in Crime
Orlando - Casey Anthony charged and acquitted of murdering her child was in court this morning, to be sentenced on lying to police and received four years in jail, but because of time served, she could be out in a month.
Casey Anthony has spent the last three years awaiting her trial for murder of her daughter Caylee in June 2008 and today she was kept in jail pending the decision to work out her sentence of four years for lying to police. She could be out by the end of July or early August since she has spent "dead time" in jail awaiting her murder charge and based and good time while she was in jail and the calculation of her time served, she could be free of Orlando in no time.
Senior Judge Belvin Perry
Senior Judge Belvin Perry
State of Florida
The outpouring of emotion has been overwhelming in Orlando and all around the area as Casey was found not guilty of all the most serious charges on Tuesday. She was facing the death penalty and the jury of her peers found her not guilty of all charges except the lying to police which she had admitted from the beginning of the trial.
There are many outstanding questions that have not been answered. How did her daughter Caylee die? In the opening statement by her attorney Jose Baez he said that it was an accident and Casey and her father decided to cover it up and admit she died in the backyard pool. But the defense never brought that forward, in their case throughout the trial. The remains of Caylee were found just a block from the Anthony home in December 2008 and she had been rotting in the weeds and bushes since June 2008.
It is still unknown how the body got into the woods or who put it there, and the prosecution's theory was Casey killed her and put duct tape on her mouth and placed her in garbage bags and threw her into the woods. That was countered by the defense who said there was no real evidence and everything the prosecution was saying was just "fantasy."
The jury returned a verdict within 11 hours and never asked for any re-reads of evidence, nor did they speak to any of the media after the trial. A few have come forward after the trial and it has been reported that one juror is asking for a minimum of five figures, to do an interview.
Chief Judge Belvin Perry also fined Casey $1000 for each of the four misdemeanors she was charged with for lying to police, but she is expected to get offers for books and movie rights in the future. The Orange County Sheriff's Office is also considering suing Casey or the Anthony family for the resources they spent trying to find Caylee from July 2008 to December. The reason they were looking for Caylee was because Casey told them after 31 days, of not reporting her missing that she had been kidnapped by a babysitter, and yet the defense said in their opening statement, Caylee died in an accident in the backyard swimming pool.
UPDATE: Casey Anthony will be released from jail next Wednesday, July 13 or 17/2011, or are they just saying this so she has extra time to get out of town and away from the media?.
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