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article imageOp-Ed: Floyd Mayweather deserves credit and praise for untainted record

By Leo Reyes     Jul 7, 2011 in Sports
Floyd Mayweather Jr has been unfairly criticized for his misdeeds, but he is not being praised either for his untainted record as a professional boxer.
For years, many writers have focused on the bad side of Mayweather as a person, but failed to highlight his untainted record in boxing in many of their articles about the sport.
In recent days Mayweather has decided to call the attention of writers about the unfair treatment he is getting from media in regards to his accomplishments and the criticism he gets on his current issues with Manny Pacquiao.
"When I beat fighters, they say they are too small, or too slow, or over the hill - but when he fights the guys he gets praise for it. I fight them first and then he fights my leftovers. If you guys want to write, just tell the truth. That's all I asked. I have one question for you. Name one athlete and not just boxing. Tell me one athlete right now who's done it for fifteen years and still is undefeated." Mayweather said in an article by Chris LaBate of Boxing Scene.
It is hard to argue with a guy who is telling the truth on a particular subject. What Mayweather is saying is true as he remains unbeaten in the last 15 years.
His claim that Pacquaio has been fighting his leftovers is equally true. He was obviously referring to Ricky Hatton, Oscar de la Hoya, Juan Manuel Marquez and Shane Mosley who are his past victims and the same guys Pacquiao fought.
Mayweather contends he fought and won over these guys when they were in their prime while Pacquiao faced them when they were going down the hill. Again, it is not easy to debate this, but it is a fairly accurate statement as every knowledgeable boxing fan would know.
Although some boxing historians will probably argue about his insinuation that he is the only boxer who has been undefeated in the last fifteen years, his claim about his superiority over past opponents of Pacquiao cannot be challenged as they are legitimate claims.
In his statement about Pacquiao fighting his leftovers, Mayweather is actually saying he is at par if not superior than Pacquiao. contrary to claims that he is afraid to face the Filipino boxer because the guy will humiliate him in the ring.
Still, the more passionate boxing fans and even those who claim to be neutral sportswriters continue to pound on the bad side of Mayweather as a person and not on his skill as a legitimate boxing champion.
Roger Mayweather with nephew Floyd Mayweather Jr
Roger Mayweather with nephew Floyd Mayweather Jr
It is unfortunate that Mayweather has been linked to alleged crimes that almost always hit the headlines of mainstream media, including prestigious and legitimate boxing sites.
It is a bit unfair for media to zero in on his involvement in crimes which has nothing to do with his skill as a boxer. And it is even more unfair that his alleged crime issues should be used against him to tarnish his unblemished record as a professional boxer.
While it is true that his constant skirmish with the law is not helping him portray a role as a good model for young and promising boxers—a role the public expects him to play. being a skillful fighter and a legitimate champion, Mayweather has done his part in helping the sport with his special skill that made him a champion.
And for his skillful handling of his boxing career—minus the crimes, he deserves to be praised.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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