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Op-Ed: Casey Anthony not guilty of murdering Caylee

By Daniel Boyington     Jul 6, 2011 in Crime
Orlando - Casey Anthony has been acquitted of the most serious charges, for murder, aggravated child abuse, aggravated manslaughter, but still has to go before the court on Thursday at 9am to answer to the charges of four misdemeanors (lying to police.)
According to the law in the State of Florida, if convicted, she can receive one year for each charge, which could be four years, but since the lies occurred all together it has been suggested that she will be sentenced to one year, and released, because she has been in jail for three years, and it is called “time served” meaning she could walk out of court a free women on Thursday morning.
Why did the jury find her not guilty of the most serious charges?
There have been, and will be many opinions, but in my view it was because the prosecution did not prove their case, and the burden falls on them, to prove beyond, and to the exclusion of reasonable doubt.
The jury has been sequestered in a hotel for the past six weeks and have had no contact with the outside world, and absolutely no media contact. They were not allowed to go on the internet or listen to any speculation or thoughts from others. This trial was covered locally, nationally and internationally, and yet many fair minded, honest people still believe she is guilty.
No one saw Casey kill Caylee, no one saw her put tape on her mouth, no one saw her “THROW” Caylee in the woods, and so many other real evidence, that was not presented or proved by the prosecution, who had the burden to prove the case.
Fair-minded and open minded people will realize the police completely botched the case. In August 2008 when Roy KRONK called four times that he saw something in the woods, that he believed it was a human skull, the police sent one officer, who was later disciplined and fired from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, and yet today the police stood on the platform and gave all kinds of praise to how well the police department did in investigating and processing the case. If the remains had been found in August 2008, the case may have taken a different turn, but the main evidence that was missing in this whole case was, who put Caylee’s body in the woods? To this day there is no answer to this question, and no answer as to HOW Caylee died.
Most of the so-called evidence was just speculation and as defense attorney Jose Baez said in his closing, “It was all fantasy,” with no proof of how Caylee died, or who put her remains in the woods. The computer searches were discounted because there was no proof who make them, and some uncertainty as to how many times searches for chloroform were done, nobody searches for something, 84 times. What about the expert witnesses the prosecution put on, like the guy who looks for dead bodies with hangers? So much of the prosecution “evidence” was “consistent with” and huge speculation as to what happened.
When the prosecutor Jeff Ashton mentioned in his closing about the infamous duct tape, he failed to mention that the duct tape (Henkel) was made in OHIO, where George Anthony was a police officer for 10 years. This was one of the main problems with the prosecutions case, they didn’t lie, but they left out a lot of details, and if it wasn’t for the defense, many details would not have been uncovered. It was known from the beginning that there is no responsibility for the defense to prove anything, and yet they still brought forward witnesses, that the prosecution failed to call, as an example, the person that actually found the body, Roy Kronk.
Although it may be over for Casey today, this case is far from over. There are still so many unanswered questions. It’s possible Caylee drowned in the backyard swimming pool, but why did Casey not call police when she was missing for 31 days, and how did Caylee’s body get into the woods?
More investigation by the Orange County Sheriffs Office is needed to bring this case to a close and find out who is responsible for placing Caylee’s body in the woods. Out of 101 square miles in Orlando, how is it that Roy Kronk knew to look for her body in that particular spot just around the corner from the Anthony’s home? And what part did George Anthony play in all of this with his statements while he was under oath on the stand? Many questions, no answers, Caylee above all, deserves answers. Sadly, people will be making money off this terrible tragedy well into the future, and I’m sure a court room DVD will be on the market within the month.
Rest in PEACE dear Caylee, if you can …
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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