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article imageOp-Ed: Larry Crowne down despite Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts

By Ernest Dempsey     Jul 5, 2011 in Entertainment
Los Angeles - Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts star in the comedy “Larry Crowne” but it has a tame opening at the box office and doesn't win the critics’ vote.
For one thing, you don’t need a complete review to get a feel of what a big star’s movie is going to be like this summer. You just watch the trailer, have a snapshot of the expressions, a spark of the chemistry between the leads, and one irresistible line from one of them that possesses you. In case of Larry Crowne, however, you get none of these, despite two big names in leads, Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. A glimpse of the trailer here shows a graying Hanks in an age-inappropriate role, exchanging no-longer-younger looks with Roberts, both who have done this a dozen times before. Why would the audiences be interested? It turns out they are not, neither are the critics and reviewers generous in their ratings of this new comedy drama from Universal Pictures.
Co-written and directed by Tom Hanks, the story involves the return of an amiable Larry Crowne (played by Hanks) superstar team leader at the big-box company to college where he mixes up with the colorful community of outcasts and develops love for his public speaking teacher Mercedes Tainot (played by Roberts) who has lost her inner involvement in teaching as well as her marital life.
Rated PG 13 this 99-minutes bland comedy opened to a disappointing $15.7 million. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the demographic divide among its audience is marked sharply with exit polling results showing that only two percent of the audience on its opening was under age 18 years while 93% of the viewers were above 25. Average rating of the movie on Rotten Tomatoes is currently 5/10 with critical appreciation standing at only 35% while audience likeness sowing 51%. Contact Music quotes Roger Ebert commenting on the film in his review in Chicago Sun-Times that the film’s cast is a good promise but the screenplay becomes tediously bland; it’s a movie that has no reason to exist.
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