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article imageNOW Magazine publishes photos of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's cottage

By Andrew Moran     Jul 5, 2011 in Politics
Toronto - Instead of attending the Toronto Gay Pride Parade, Mayor Rob Ford spent the Canada Day long weekend with his family in cottage country. There has been much debate about his decision, and NOW Magazine has published photos of "The Ford Family Compound."
Last week, NOW Magazine offered to spend up to $4,000 to fly Toronto Mayor Rob Ford from his cottage to Toronto in order to attend the Gay Pride Parade. Ford did not take the offer nor attend any Pride festivities.
One day after more than a million people attended the parade Sunday, NOW has published photos of the Ford family cottage to show its readers where Councillor Doug Ford and the mayor were during the Canada Day holiday weekend.
Reporter Enzo Di Matteo did some research and found out that the home’s name is El Rancho Grande, it is owned by the mayor’s brother – they discovered his name on the registry records and confirmed with a neighbour – and the average asking price for a cottage in that area is just less than $500,000.
“We believe Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is hiding behind his family and a claim of family values in an attempt to run from the fact that he's not comfortable standing shoulder to shoulder with this city's gay and lesbian community,” said Michael Hollett, editor and publisher of NOW Magazine.
“When he trotted his mother out to create a smokescreen for his anti-gay attitudes last week, we felt it necessary to meet his spin move head on.”
Hollett added that there will be more coverage in Thursday’s print edition of NOW.
On Monday, Doug Ford claimed that Toronto Star reporters also followed the Ford family to Muskoka where they “interrogated” his daughter by asking her where the mayor and the councillor were. In an interview on the John Oakley radio show, Doug Ford said, "We do not see eye to eye with The Toronto Star," Doug said. "They are a bunch of socialists as far as I am concerned."
In an interview with City News, Doug also said, "As far as I'm concerned they are a ruthless media organization. The Toronto Star can come after me and Rob any time, we are free game, but leave...the rest of my family out of it."
What do you think about NOW Magazine and the Toronto Star's actions? Did they go too far?
Some readers’ remarks on the NOW comments section believe they did.
“Christ, let it go. I think Ford is a clown but to send someone out to the boonies to take photos of his cottage because he wanted to spend the long freaking weekend with his family is absurd. If he HAD shown up you'd be going on about how he almost tipped over the float,” wrote AugustWest99.
“Am I the only one starting to sense that the Fords' lives may be in danger?” wrote Fresh_Star.
"Hey Enzo...stalk much?” wrote TeaPartyTO.
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