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article imageCasey Anthony – a simplified timeline

By Alexander Baron     Jul 5, 2011 in Crime
Orlando - A simplified timeline for Casey Anthony and the murder of her daughter Caylee, compiled up until after her acquittal on July 5, 2011.
Earlier today, Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murder (see Digital Journal coverage here).
The following chronology has been compiled from various Internet sources including YouTube videos and live courtroom feeds.
As far as can be ascertained, the information here is 100% accurate, but any errors of either interpretation or fact are entirely mine.
March 19, 1986: Casey Marie Anthony is born at Warren, Ohio, the second child and only daughter of George and Cynthia Anthony.
1989: The Anthony family moves to Orlando, Florida.
June 24, 2004: Casey Anthony begins work at Universal Studios.
November: Casey becomes pregnant.
March 1: Casey signs up with Facebook.
August 9: Caylee Marie Anthony is born to Casey Marie Anthony, father unknown.
September: A paternity test paid for by Jesse Grund rules him out as Caylee’s father.
September: Jose Baez is admitted to the Florida Bar Association.
December 31: Casey becomes engaged to Jesse Grund.
April 24: Casey Anthony ceases to be employed by Kodak, see entry for June 2, 2011 below.
May 28: Jesse and Casey break up.
August 9: Casey steals a cheque from her grandmother’s purse and uses it to buy decorations for Caylee’s second birthday party, about $50.
December 25: April Whalen, a young Florida mother, suffers a personal tragedy when her son drowns in a pool in the back garden of the family home. The boy’s body is found by his grandfather. In June 2011, it comes to light that April Whalen and Casey Anthony have been in the same prison at the same time.
June 15: Cindy Anthony visits her father at Mount Dora Nursing Home taking Caylee to visit her great-grandfather; the two are filmed for a family video; this is the last time Caylee will ever be filmed alive.
June 16: This is the date the State of Florida claims Caylee was murdered (by her mother).
Casey makes a large number of phone calls this afternoon. In the evening she is captured on CCTV renting a video with Anthony Lazarro.
June 18: Casey borrows a shovel from a neighbour, who notices she has backed her car into the driveway.
June 20-21: Casey “hangs out” at a club in Orlando.
June 24: George Anthony reports a burglary, the theft of 2 gas cans with about $50 of gas in each of them from his storage shed. Later, George finds the missing cans in the trunk of her car.
June 30: Casey’s car is towed having been found abandoned.
July 3: Casey tells Amy Huizenga her brother Lee is looking for her. She spends the week partying. Around this time she steals Amy’s checkbook.
July 15: The white Pontiac Sunfire Casey had been driving is found abandoned, and is picked up by her parents George and Cindy from a disposal yard. The manager says he had noticed a stench coming from the vehicle.
Amy Huizenga finds a number of her checks (cheques) have been stolen from her, and over six hundred dollars has been stolen from her account.
July 16: Casey tells her parents an elaborate story about Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzales (Zanny the nanny). Although a real Zenaida Gonzales will shortly appear in this chronology, the one to whom Casey alludes is a total fabrication.
Casey is arrested after taking the police to fake addresses and telling them lie after lie after lie. Orange County detective Yuri Melich (Dick Tracy Orlando) takes Casey to Universal Studios where she says she works; she bluffs her way in, then admits she does not work there. Melich is extremely patient with her and gives her more than one opportunity to tell the truth but her lies persist, although they begin to unravel.
July 17: The Sheriff's Office takes possession of the car and finds evidence of possible human decomposition. The car is sent to the forensics bank. Casey Marie Anthony is officially charged with child neglect, lying to the police, and interfering with a criminal investigation. She is ordered to be held without bond (bail). Although her parents believe Casey’s story – out of desperation – the police fear the worse.
July 18: Casey Anthony hires Jose Baez.
July 21: The Anthony family home is searched for DNA samples of Caylee: toothbrush, hairbrush, etc.
July 22: At a bond hearing, detectives reveal they have found strands of hair in the trunk of the white Pontiac Sunfire, and the cadaver dogs have smelled human decomposition in the trunk. Bail is set at half a million dollars by Judge Strickland who makes the now universally acknowledged statement that the truth and Casey Anthony are strangers.
July 23: Amy Huizenga is interviewed by police; she tells them she wants to press charges against Casey. She also tells them Casey told her that her car smells as though something died in it.
July 24: Cindy Anthony tells the media there has been a sighting of Caylee in Georgia. This turns out to be one of the many false leads that always happen in high profile cases like this.
July 25: Jose Baez contacts the Orange County Sheriff's Office in connection with some sort of unspecified deal involving immunity or limited immunity.
July 29: State prosecutor Linda Drane Burdick offers Jose Baez "limited use immunity" for his client if she wishes to participate in locating Caylee. This relates to the July 25 approach from Mr Baez.
August 6-7: Having obtained warrants, investigators visit the Anthony family home and seize more evidence: clothing belonging to Casey and her missing daughter.
August 7: Orange County Sheriff’s Office holds a press conference.
August 8: Lee Anthony visits his sister in the county jail; she refuses to see him.
August 11: On this afternoon, meter reader Roy Kronk is in his van when he needs to urinate. He walks onto a small patch of swampy land near the Anthony family home and notices a suspicious package. He informs the authorities telling the operator “This could be nothing”. No action is taken.
August 12: Mr Kronk makes another call. No action is taken.
August 13: Mr Kronk makes a third call. No action is taken. Mr Kronk testifies in the trial, June 2011.
August: At some unspecified date in this month, ABC pays $200,000 to Jose Baez for photographs and home videos of Caylee Anthony in order to fund Casey's defense.
August 21: Casey is released after bounty hunter Leonard Padilla and his nephew post a $50,000 bond.
August 26: George and Cindy hire Mark Lippman and Jennifer Craddock to represent their daughter.
August 27: Linda Drane Burdick extends her previous offer until September 2.
August 30: Casey is rearrested for stealing and encashing checks belonging to Amy Huizenga – see July 23 above. At the time of the arrest, there is a demonstration against Casey outside the family home.
September 4: George and Cindy hire attorney Mark NeJame, who denies he is also representing Casey.
September 24: The real Zenaida Gonzalez files a lawsuit against Casey.
October 1: Jose Baez, enters a not guilty plea to the check fraud charges on Casey Anthony’s behalf. The Orange County Sheriff's Office officially changes her status from “person of interest” to “suspect” in the disappearance of her daughter.
October 10: Cindy registers the Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation.
October 14: A nineteen member Florida Grand Jury hands down a seven count indictment against Casey Marie Anthony, including one of first degree murder.
This evening, Casey Anthony is re-arrested on seven charges, including murder, child neglect, and lying to the police.
November 19: Jose Baez suggests Caylee could have been murdered by Roy Kronk, the meter reader who found her body.
November 20: Roy Kronk’s ex-wife appears on a TV programme where she says she believes he probably murdered Caylee or “had something to do with it”.
November 20: Attorney Mark NeJame parts company with George and Cindy.
December 11: Caylee’s remains are found on a small patch of swampy land around the corner from the family home by meter reader Roy Kronk, see entry for August 11 above.
cDecember 22: Jose Baez sets up a "tip line" to solicit information to assist his client to clear her name.
January 22: Late evening, an obviously depressed George Anthony is reported missing.
January 23: George is located at the Hawaiian Inn hotel Daytona Beach, apparently having attempted suicide and leaving an eight page suicide note.
April 14: The State of Florida announces it is to seek the death penalty.
June 17: Judge Strickland seals the jailhouse video of Casey the day she is informed her daughter’s remains are found. He rules the tape highly prejudicial.
June 19: The autopsy report on Caylee Anthony is released. It reveals that duct tape was placed over her face.
November 3: Diane Fanning publishes a book about the murder of Caylee Anthony, Mommy's Little Girl.
December 18: Judge Strickland denies a defense motion, and rules Casey Anthony can face the death penalty.
The play Tot Mom by Steven Soderbergh premieres in Sydney, Australia.
January 25: Casey Anthony appears before Judge Strickland and is sentenced for check fraud.
March 18: The distiguished advocate J. Cheney Mason joins the defense team at an indigency hearing on the invitation of Jose Baez. When asked why he had accepted the invitation, Mason replies “Because it’s fun”.
April 19: Judge Strickland recuses himself from the State of Florida v Casey Marie Anthony; he is replaced by Belvin Perry Junior, Chief Judge of the Ninth Judicial Circuit since 2001.
June 15: On the second anniversary of Caylee’s disappearance, George and Cindy appear on Good Morning America.
September 27: At a preliminary hearing, Judge Perry refuses a defense request to allow DNA testing of forensic exhibits outside of the United States.
January 6: Jose Baez is fined $583.73 in prosecutor’s attorney’s fees for a “willful violation” of an earlier court order.
January 13: Baez pays the fine.
February 11: Judge Belvin Perry rules that bad character evidence against Casey Anthony will be admissible.
May 9: Jury selection begins at the Pinellas County Criminal Justice Center, Clearwater because of the intensive local media coverage.
May 11: Judge Perry gaols a woman for two days after convicting her summarily of contempt of court. She had interrupted the process.
May 20: Twelve jurors and five alternates are sworn in.
May 24: The case of the State of Florida v Casey Marie Anthony opens in Court 23A at the Orange County Courthouse, Orlando, Florida. Lead Defence Attorney Jose Baez makes a sensational opening statement.
May 25: Roy Kronk issues a strongly worded statement through his attorney denying any involvement in the disappearance of Caylee Anthony.
June 2: Leonard Turtora, Assistant Manager of Loss Prevention at Universal Orlando Resort testifies that Casey Anthony had never actually worked for Universal Studios but had worked for a subsidiary of Kodak until April 2006.
ABC News publishes Casey Anthony’s top ten lies!
June 3: CSI Gerardo Bloise testifies.
June 4: Mike Vincent, CSI Bloise’s supervisor testifies.
June 7: The court hears damning evidence relating to on-line searches allegedly made by Casey on the home computer.
June 13: WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer says, in effect, that Casey is now more infamous than OJ!
June 15: Jose Baez makes his most concerted effort to have the case dismissed; Judge Perry is not impressed.
June 17: Police are called in when a fight breaks out outside the courthouse between members of the public queuing for the fifty available seats. This leads the authorities to instigate a ticketing system.
June 21: Defense expert witness Jane Bock is humiliated on the witness stand when she tries to convince the jury that Caylee’s remains had lain undisturbed in situ for a mere two weeks. Prosecutor Jeff Ashton laughs in her face when she says a dog could have buried one of the child’s bones under four inches of leaves.
After Dr Bock, defense expert witness Richard Eikelenbloom performs creditably on the stand, but although he gives direct, honest testimony and clearly knows what he is talking about, he makes little progress for Jose Baez.
June 25: The court resumes this Saturday morning but the jury does not appear. Judge Perry says there is an important matter that has to be dealt with.
June 27: Judge Perry and the lawyers resume at 8.30am but the jury is not brought in until late. The reason for the delay is that Casey’s Anthony’s defense team have tried to have her ruled incompetent. Perry says Casey has been examined by three professionals and found competent.
June 28: Roy Kronk testifies under subpaeona for the defense; he makes a good prosecution witness.
June 30: Judge Perry sentences a second person for contempt of court – see also entry for May 11.
July 2: Although the court is not in session, the lawyers are hard at work preparing their closing addresses.
July 3: Sunday, closing speeches begin.
July 4: Independence Day, the jury is sent out.
July 5: This afternoon the jury returns a not guilty verdict on each of the major charges. Casey Marie Anthony is convicted of four minor charges, and according to one legal pundit could be back on the streets time served by the end of the week.
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