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article imageNew Egyptian Monuments Discovered at Karnak Temple in Luxor

By Jenna Griffith     Jul 4, 2011 in World
Cairo - Archaeologists have discovered new ancient treasures in Egypt near Karnak Temple in Luxor on Sunday, according to the ministry of antiquities.
AFP reported the ministry saying that the find was a 2,700 year-old stone gate of the Nubian King and restorer of religious architecture Shabaka, of the 25th dynasty (712-698 BC), the king who established the capital at Thebes.
The once-spectacular gate led to the king’s treasure room, and depicts the king performing a ritual involving the god Amun Raa and goddess Maat. Stated to be “in good condition,” with many well-preserved Egyptian paintings, says Dominique Valbelle, part of the Franco-Egyptian Center, reports Ahram Online.
The find unearthed questions as well as treasures. According to Ahram Online, Christophe Tiers, director of the Karnak French mission said while restoring the monumental stones archaeologists discovered the blocks actually date back to 1479-1425 BC, in the time of King Tuthmosis III, meaning the start of construction on the temple was not constructed by the Ptolemaic dynasty as was the common belief until now, but rather under Egyptian rule. The dig also uncovered Ptolemaic era mud brick walls around the temple.
The Franco-Egyptian Center plans to open the new site to the public next winter, according to AFP. They also report Dominique Valbelle in the ministry statement saying, “The discovery shows that the temple of Karnak still has many secrets to be uncovered and it will do for years to come.”
Mansur Boraik told AFP that the famous Karnak Temple at Luxor is still holding precious secrets of the past still uncovered. Those interested in ancient Egypt and its mysteries are thrilled at the discovery of new pages to add to the chapters of human history.
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