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article imageOp-Ed: How to catch a terrorist – first, create one

By Alexander Baron     Jul 1, 2011 in Politics
New York - Not for the first time, a terrorist “plot” has been exposed as a totally manufactured threat. As the would-be perpetrators are given heavy sentences, the instigators are applauded by the would-be victims.
In the 1930s, the government of a certain European nation came in for considerable criticism for promoting overt anti-Semitism, but although there were “individual acts” – violence against Jews - it was not until the infamous Kristallnacht that things turned really nasty. Nor were there any state sponsored attacks on synagogues and other Jewish premises prior to the Night of Broken Glass, and when those attacks did eventually come, they were universally and rightly condemned. Curiously though, when the FBI sponsored an attack on the Riverdale Jewish Center, this plot was greeted not with outrage but with praise by the American Jewish Committee. A qualification must be added to that statement: the “plotters” were caught. But what if they hadn’t been?
The AJC alluded to these men as terrorists, but another Jewish news outlet presented a far more objective view of these Al-Qaeda wannabees.
“Manhattan U.S. District Court Judge Colleen McMahon handed down the minimum term on Wednesday...The men, all Muslim converts, were arrested in May 2009 after being caught in an FBI sting operation.”
Far from being terrorists, these men were criminal lowlifes; as to their terrorist plot, “The essence of what occurred here is that a government understandably zealous to protect its citizens from terrorism came upon a man both bigoted and suggestible, one who was incapable of committing an act of terrorism on his own” and gave him a little encouragement.
The bombs and missiles were supplied by the FBI.
Where have we heard this before? In Britain maybe, where undercover police officer cum eco-warrior Mark Kennedy spent the best part of a decade living under a false name complete with false passport and other official documents? Or maybe it was Canada where undercover police officers masquerading as black bloc armed themselves with bricks in order to incite a riot until they were stopped by a lone, courageous individual?
Now a pertinent question, if it is a criminal offence to plot terrorist outrages against places of worship or community centres, Jewish or otherwise, it is surely also a criminal offence to incite people to do so, and to conspire with them to do so, and to supply the hardware which is to be used in such attacks, so why weren’t the men who planned this nascent attack, who incited it, who bankrolled it, in the dock with these miscreants?
There are a couple of reasons: one is that there are elements within the FBI and the American Government itself who wish to continue to demonise Islam for their own sinister reasons; another is there are those within the FBI and the American Government who would dearly love to turn America into a police state. And that is without all the other “perks” that come with this sort of rogue operation.
Human life is cheap; six weeks ago a 15 year old “hit man” was gaoled for life in London; his victim was a young woman he never knew yet was prepared to murder for £200. Any undercover police officer or FBI agent with access to a crimint database can find a dozen, a hundred or a thousand criminals, fanatics or mental defectives who for sufficient financial recompense or with the right indoctrination will target any group: Jews, Moslems, homosexuals, prostitutes, porn merchants, mink farmers, even police officers.
There are enough genuine threats to our safety and our freedom without Western governments, especially the American Government sanctioning this sort of lunacy. It is high time someone put a stop to it, if not the Executive, or some sort of Congressional committee, then our much vaunted civil libertarians, when they can tear themselves away from the campaign to liberalise the South Dakota abortion laws.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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