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article imageU.S. 'birthers' suing Esquire

By Owen Weldon     Jul 1, 2011 in Business
Two men have decided that the Hearst Corp. and a writer who writes for the company's Esquire Magazine should pay them millions of dollars. Why? The claim a satirical article made fun of their call to see President Obama's birth certificate.
The two men, Joseph Farah and Jerome Corsi, think that president Obama was not born in Hawaii and they believe that the Hearst Corp. and the writer who writes for them made fun of them for believing that Obama was born in Kenya.
Farah is the CEO of the website and Corsi wrote the book called “Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama Is Not Eligible to Be President.” Farah and Corsi are now suing writer Mark Warren, Hearst and Esquire magazine. The two feel that they were defamed and their business interests were damaged. The men are seeking $20 million in punitive damages and $100 million in compensatory damages, according to Forbes. However, the total amount that they are seeking is close to $300 million dollars.
The article in question was published on May 18, 2011 by Warren, right after the birth certificate was released by Obama. The article’s headline said that Jerome Corsi’s book was yanked right from the shelves, but the headline was more of an Onion-style headline. The entire article was. However, many readers took it as real news and Esquire decided to update people, saying that the article was simply pointing that that there are problems with selling a book that pretty much had no solid facts, and accused the president of perpetrating a fraud when he showed the world a forged birth certificate. Esquire went onto say that the book also told lies in order to sell books to their gullible audience.
Farah and Corsi say that their book sales hurt after Esquire released their update. On Wednesday, Esquire said that they did not take a look at the lawsuit yet and they did not seem too concern about the lawsuit either. says that Esquire says that the article was tagged as humor, just as many of their articles that are politics related.
The book is about how Obama may not have been born in America and he is actually not the president of the USA.
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