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article imageCasey Anthony: Defense rests, Casey doesn't take stand

By Alexander Baron     Jun 30, 2011 in Crime
Orlando - The case of the State of Florida v Casey Marie Anthony is drawing to a close as the Defence rested its case without putting the defendant on the stand.
After the brief recall of Dominic Casey, Jose Baez recalled first George and then Cindy to the stand, and is probably wishing he hadn’t.
Both Casey’s parents were questioned about how they had buried family pets over the years, which sounded farcical, but as Bill Sheaffer has said on more than one occasion in his commentary on this trial, the defense opens the door, and the State uses it, or in this case drove a bus through it.
The purpose of this line of questioning appears to have been to make some sort of connection with duct tape, which had apparently been used on occasion to tie up the bodies of dead dogs, and which according to the State may have been used as the murder weapon.
When he cross-examined George Anthony, Jeff Ashton asked him he had ever thrown the body of a dead family pet into a swamp – clearly alluding to the disposal of Caylee’s body. When she cross-examined Cindy, Linda Drane Burdick asked her if she had ever put down a family pet using chloroform. Obviously Jose Baez did not like this, but worse was to come as the State was able to leave the jury with the impression that this may have been where Casey got the idea of tying up her daughter with duct tape.
Lee Anthony was called again but was not cross-examined, after which Judge Perry signalled an early lunch break.
On the court’s resumption, Perry asked the defendant if she intended to testify; when she said she did not, he asked her some routine questions to elicit from her the fact that this was her decision and her decision alone, and that no undue pressure had been put on her. The jurors were then recalled briefly for the formalities, then sent out pending further legal argument.
This means that the jury and the world including a record 100,000 bloggers on the WFTV site alone will not be hearing from her own lips Tot Mom’s account of how her father sexually abused her, and how he covered up the accidental drowning of her daughter. In view of what the jury and the world has already heard from her own lips – via audio and video recordings – it remains to be seen if anything this woman says can be believed.
Although there is still some way to go including closing speeches and the jury’s deliberations – and in the event of conviction on the major charge, penalty phase – this trial is in effect over, and we can probably expect a verdict by the middle to end of next week, when Judge Perry will also decide what sanction if any to impose on Jose Baez for his earlier, wilful procedural violations.
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