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article imagePETA seeks to erect billboard linked to baby killed in microwave Special

By Kim I. Hartman     Jun 29, 2011 in World
Sacramento - In the wake of the arrest of a mother, who allegedly murdered her infant by placing her in a microwave, PETA has announced they are in the process of erecting a billboard urging people to protect all babies, including animals, by not cooking them.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) founder, Ingrid Newkirk said in a media release, "We're horrified at the thought of microwaving a helpless baby and hope that this billboard will open hearts and minds to the grief of other mothers who have their babies torn away from them simply to satisfy humans' fleeting taste sensations. All infants, not just our own, deserve protection, and pigs, like cows and other animals, mourn the loss of their young when they are taken away to be eaten."
Newkirk was speaking of the case of Ka Yang, 29, a Sacramento mother arrested last week and arraigned on the charges of murdering her 6-week-old daughter, Mirabelle Thao-Loa. The baby died of thermal burns, from a microwave oven. Prosecutor's allege Yang placed the newborn in the microwave oven and turned it on, and then concocted a few different stories to cover-up the murder of the child.
PETA's controversial reaction to the death of the child, comes in the form of a billboard they have planned to construct within the city limits of Sacramento. The billboard, shown below, shows a picture of a sow and her piglet on one side, and a picture of a pork chop being placed into a microwave on the other side, and a message in between that says "Everybody's Somebody's Baby. Go Vegan."
Yang's attorney, Linda Parisi, told Fox40 the proposed billboard comparing a baby to an animal, or in this case a pork chop, "certainly seemed to be a very insensitive comparison."
PETA is looking to capitalize on the 'gruesome' story, said SFist.
PETA representative Kirstin Richards said "they are in negotiations with billboard advertising companies in Sacramento with hopes of creating a billboard in Sacramento that would bring awareness to animal cruelty."
"We haven't heard back from any ad reps that we reached out to, but sometimes these things take a while," said Richards.
Richards said "The billboard points out that both animals and humans have the same ability to feel pain and fear. She said they want people who are 'horrified over the tragedy' to consider that animals meet an equally violent fate." PETA, through a variety of national campaigns, encourages people to "Go Vegan," in an effort to stop the killing of billions of animals, that are raised on production farms and slaughtered each year, to meet the needs of a meat-eating public. They pursue their goal of a 'vegan world' through graphic videos, public appearances, billboards, public service announcements and more.
"The billboard has started a discussion in Sacramento, and across the nation, on animal cruelty," said Richards. "The response from the public has been mixed," she added. "We've received several supportive comments from people who have told us that the billboard's message has caused them to look at their diet in a new way and that they plan to start eating vegetarian meals more often."
The Sacramento Bee said, their readers have found the billboard idea to be "despicable, reprehensible, and ridiculous," and said that "the activist organization was getting exactly what it wanted – publicity."
Fox40 News correspondent Andria Borba called PETA, "an attention-whoring animal rights organization that couldn't get any lower." Fox 40 news broadcasters pointed out "the baby was alive when placed in the microwave, the pork chop is not."
Proposed PETA billboard to be erected in Sacramento in response to the death of a 6-week-old baby wh...
Proposed PETA billboard to be erected in Sacramento in response to the death of a 6-week-old baby who was allegedly placed in a microwave by her mother.
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