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article imageOp-Ed: Casey Anthony trial – Baez humiliates his own witness

By Alexander Baron     Jun 27, 2011 in Crime
Orlando - Yesterday at one point today, there were 80,000+ live bloggers on WFTV watching the murder trial that has gripped a nation and the world, and as usual, it was bad news for the defense.
Yesterday, Monday, after Detective Yuri Melich had testified for the Nth time, a considerable time was spent arguing points of law and evidence in the absence of the jury. Commenting for WFTV, Bill Sheaffer said State prosecutor Jeff Ashton had succeeded in turning another expert witness for the defense - Kenneth Furton - into a state witness.
Michael Vincent appeared for the 3rd time, CSI Gerardo Bloise for the 4th time, and Jason Forgey for the second.
Although there is no property in a witness, this sort of thing does not happen in British courtrooms, but we are not blessed with lawyers like Jose Baez, and Casey Anthony is surely a first in criminal history, whatever the outcome of this trial.
The witness who was responsible for the delay was Kenneth Furton, a forensic chemist by profession, but although he was not humiliated to the same extent as Dr Jane Bock, he didn’t do the defense one whit of good, and Jeff Ashton must have been pleased with his day’s work.
It was only after yet another law officer had appeared on the stand that the jury heard from another bona fide defense witness, James Hoover, who called himself a private investigator, but although he obviously meant well, it was impossible to take either him or the film he showed seriously. He was a bigger nervous wreck than the fictional detective Adrian Monk, and spoke very fast in a mumbling voice.
The video concerned was of a search of some waste ground where the body of Caylee Anthony was not found.
When Jose Baez examined him, he sounded more like a schoolmaster attempting to extract a confession from a naughty schoolboy. He was cross-examined by Linda Drane Burdick, who frightened the poor man half to death; Jeff Ashton would probably have given him a coronary. Possibly taking a subconscious cue from Mr Baez, Miss Burdick addressed him like a schoolmarm, attempting to make him appear like a small time hustler who had tried to sell a worthless video to Fox News for an extortionate sum.
After Mr Hoover came the man he’d hooked up with in the futile search for Caylee Anthony’s remains, Dominic Casey. He had more credibility than Mr Hoover, but that is not much of a compliment. Having said that, as soon as he began talking about psychics...This is one of the problems with investigations of this kind, the cranks and loonies literally crawl out of the woodwork, and occasionally police officers desperate for results or just a positive lead, are taken in by them. Not in this case however, although it is clear that these two characters battened onto the Anthony family, who apart from Casey, were desperate to find the young girl whose mother had not bothered to report her missing for thirty-one days.
In defense of Dominic Casey, he does not appear to have taken this psychic nonsense seriously. And it must be added that it doesn’t take either a psychic or a latter day Sherlock Holmes to have worked out that if Caylee had met her death while in the custody of her mother, her body would quite likely have been dumped or buried on waste ground, in a drain or some such area near the family home.
Judge Perry dismissed the jury at 7.11pm local time until 9am; 8.30 for the lawyers if they have any other matters.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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