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article imageOwen, Jason, Jenna & Christina try out their very own 'Hall Pass' Special

By Earl Dittman     Jun 27, 2011 in Entertainment
In a look at modern-day marriage, the comedy directing team of the Farrelly Brothers join up with actors Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate to check out the current views on exchanging vows in 'Hall Pass' (on Blu-ray/DVD).
The directing/writing team of the hilarious and outrageous filmmaking team of Farrelly Brothers are known for their gut-busting and sidesplitting comedies that touch on the strange, taboo and delicate subjects of life-- from There's Something About Mary to Dumb & Dumber and Stuck On You to the upcoming biopic on TheThree Stooges). In their latest motion picture, they enlisted the comedic talents of Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate to play two longtime married couples who have been tied together for several years. For a number of reasons, the wives sense their hubbies are developing wandering eyes and are getting romantically restless. To make sure their marriages stay strong and sound, the wives decide to give their husbands a "hall pass" in the hope it will revitalize their marriages:..The "hall pass" will grant the two husbands one week of freedom to do whatever they want, with absolutely no questions asked. The guys feel it's a dream true -- at first -- it doesn't take very long at all before the guys begin to realize that their expectations of the single life and of their lives are totally and hysterically out of sync with their real lives.
Owen Wilson  Jenna Fischer  Jason Sudeikis and Christinia Applegate in  Hall Pass
Owen Wilson, Jenna Fischer, Jason Sudeikis and Christinia Applegate in "Hall Pass"
Warner Bros.
Did you use CGI on any of the penises?
JENNA: "See, I'd say you used CGI. The little guy. He would want me to say that, right? That guy would want everyone to know that that was fake. The little one. Let's say that. We'll give it to them."
JASON: "But the little one was an inch bigger than his real d*ck, which is a fun fact."
Jason, how did you get here in Los Angeles after being on Saturday Night Live last night?
JASON: "Airplane. United. That's as specific as I will get. I left at eight something in the morning East Coast time. Then they come straight to Los Angeles luckily and I slept most of the way, then came here. Then didn't sleep and had coffee. Thank you for noticing."
Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis  dance to the disco beat in  Hall Pass
Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis dance to the disco beat in "Hall Pass"
Warner Bros.
Were you surprised this movie ends up being pro-relationship considering your character is the inciter?JASON: "Easy. Easy. Was I surprised? No, I read the script. Before then, no. As I was reading it, I would say not necessarily surprised. I was hoping that that's the lesson that would be potentially learned because I do believe in the idea of love and marriage and monogamy."
OWEN: "Valentine's Day."
JASON: "Valentine's Day around the corner, literally. But I was happy that it happened and I like that the question will probably be bandied about. I feel like just the commercial alone probably causes some sofa discussion or pillow talk between couples of just like 'Would you do that? Would you ever? Honey, what would you do if I gave you that? And I think it could go either way, guys or gals, like the movie allows itself to do. I like that it posed that question because I think marriage is in an interesting place with a high divorce rate and people talking about the sanctity of gay marriage and all this rampant cheating going on with Tiger Woods and the internet and Chris Lees of the worlds, the senator, whatever that guy does for a living. I like that it poses that question and it doesn't necessarily answer it. It only answers it for the characters involved."
Do you think this is a chick flick?
OWEN: "Yeah, you would often say that to me, that we're making Mystic Pizza here. It beats the Traveling Sisterhood, Ya Ya."
Owen Wilson with the Farrelly Brother on the set of  Hall Pass
Owen Wilson with the Farrelly Brother on the set of "Hall Pass"
Warner Bros.
If you take away the H and P it's All Ass.
OWEN: "Like if you played it backwards, there is that secret message. It's not been exposed and decoded."
Do you have to explain to the audience what a hall pass or fake chow is?
OWEN: "I think hall pass people know. Fake chow I hadn't heard before."
Do you prefer movies with ensembles?
OWEN: "It's not necessarily like a plan. I think that maybe from growing up with brothers, and those kind of buddy comedies, I kind of relate to those, a lot of the humor in that. Maybe it's just what I've responded to."
Was there anything you read in the script that worried you?
OWEN: "I think it more was, I've kind of known you guys for a little bit but obviously had never worked together, so it more kind of I always felt comfortable we were kind of on the same wavelength sense of humor-wise. So I didn't have that fear like oh, these guys are going to be thinking something's funny that I don't think is funny. I didn't really have that kind of fear that sometimes you have like geez, is this guy going to be on the same page with you. But then it always is kind of everybody has a different way of working. You're kind of particular the way you direct. That was very specific with the way you kind of hear things. I liked that."
JASON: "I think I only heard a couple days before we shot the scene in the bathroom with the gal with the stomach trouble that it was. It was just passing gas and then they did a polish, a little find and replace, remove 'fart' and "put shit sprayed on a bathroom wall." Spoilers. That was a surprise to me and I don't think it was done for my benefit, but it was a shock. It wasn't there when I initially had the script read to me."
Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis in  Hall Pass
Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis in "Hall Pass"
Warner Bros.
Did you'll have angry anything crazy on the set?
JENNA: "Well, my character didn't have to do anything too crazy so there was nothing that took me by surprise. In general, when you're a little kid and you daydream about what moviemaking must be like, what you're daydreaming about is a Farrelly Brothers movie. Their set is so fun and so easy. It made me feel like how I'd always wanted to feel on a movie set so it was just a total pleasure and luckily I didn't have to do anything too insane. So I think I got just the absolute best kind of experience."
OWEN: "There were more wrap parties on this movie than normal movies.
JENNA: "It's like a weekly wrap party."
JASON: "On set gambling. More games were invented. You guys could have your own Olympics with the shit you guys do, with the birthday contest."
JENNA: "There's a dice game also with the giant dice that you found. Remember that giant dice game?"
JASON: "And it would be ridiculous stuff. There was the scene we shot outside, there was a basketball court. We had a basketball. No, we're not going to use the basketball. We're going to use a football to try to throw a football into the basketball hoop. What the hell is going on here?"
OWEN: "You're good at free throws."
Owen, after becoming a father, was there a moment where you realized you had grown up?
OWEN: "Yeah, I think that definitely my character kind of has that, when he's towards the end of the movie where he's looking at the wedding picture and says to Richard Jenkins, realizes how special that was and what a good thing he has. Then Richard Jenkins remembers something else from the photo but yeah, I guess that is kind of a little bit of the arc of my character, that he realizes what he has."
And yourself?
OWEN: "And myself? I think so. When you have -- this is my first child so that's a pretty amazing thing."
When did you realize? When you saw your baby's face?
OWEN: "Well, I don't know that it -- they're all kind of beautiful moments but I don't know that it made me think, 'Oh now everything is completely different.'"
Is there any real life merit to a hall pass?
JENNA: "It's a horrible idea. Are you kidding? It's a wonderful premise for a film. It's a horrible practical idea in your life. Don't do it."
OWEN: "All the guys are kind of just [nodding]. Yeah, yeah, I agree."
JENNA: "I got that one."
JASON: But it doesn't have to be a week. It could be like four hours. It could be two days."
They party in  Hall Pass
They party in "Hall Pass"
Warner Bros.
Besides Applebee's and Chili's, where would you recommend someone go on a hall pass?
OWEN: "Olive Garden."
JASON: "Chuck-E-Cheese."
JENNA: "Go to Bed Bath & Beyond. For real, there's a ton of women there. Bed Bath & Beyond, Target. Go where women go. We're all there. Cosmetics counter. The MAC counter at the mall."
OWEN: "You like that? You're like, 'Yeah, that is good.'"
JENNA: "Whole Foods. The slutty women are at Whole Foods."
JASON: "At the olive bar."
JENNA: "The progressive liberal ladies."
OWEN: "Trader Joe's."
JASON: "Bring deodorant though, huh?"
If you could, who would be your hall pass?
OWEN: "Who would be your hall pass or what would be a location where you'd want to have?"
What person?
JASON: "1967 Raquel Welch? Can I use it that extensively? Can I use a time machine? Who am I kidding? I would take 1997 Raquel Welch. Who am I kidding? I'd take 2007. Not today though. Not now. Disrespectful. I'd take Helen Mirren now.
Warner Bros.
Owen, you're more of a place guy?
OWEN: "Yeah, I think more of where you would go."
JENNA: "Like on her body?"
And, Jenna?
JENNA: "I'm a newlywed. I don't want a hall pass right now. I got nothing. I'm sorry. It's true."
JASON: "I'd use mine with Lee then."
JENNA: "That would be not uncomfortable at all. That would be great."
JASON: "That's her husband."
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In this new sci-fi film by Academy Award-nominee Matt Damon (the Bourne trilogy), he plays a man who accidentally catches a glimpse of what Fate has planned for him in his future. But he doesn't like what he sees, and in this action thriller about a man who catches a peak of the future that Fate has planned for him -- and chooses to fight destin for the woman he loves and wants to marry. He must battle The Adjustment Bureau (who is the head of everyone's Fate. And, to catch up with his minders at the Bureau (Terence Stamp, Anthony Mackie and John Slattery) he much search throughout New York City to be with the woman he has ever loved (Emily Blunt), but they don't want her to be a park of his destiny. "I love Titanic, I can love Young Victoria, I love this movie -- I admit it, I am a hopeless romantic," admits Emily Blunt, who plays the object of Damon's desire in The Adjustment Bureau, which is based on a story by the legendary sci-fi author Philip K. Dick, the writer of such legendary tomes as Total Recall, Minority Report and Blade Runner. "There's a lot of action and adventure in the movie movie, it's like a Bond or Bourne movie, or in Bureau -- at its heart, it's a movie about a man fighting for the woman he loves. Now that's a real, deep from the heart adventure!" Combo Pack Bonus Features: "The Labyrinth of Doors" featurette -- with an interactive map of New York City, exploring the intricate network of portals to leap from location to location, and go behind the scenes with cast and crew; Deleted and Extended Scenes; "Leaping Through New York" and "Destined To Be Becoming Elise" featurettes; Feature Commentary with Writer/Director George Nolfi; D-Box Motion Enabled; BD-Live Enabled; Pocket Blu; My Movies Enabled and a Digital Copy Of Feature Film.
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The Eagle
After playing contemporary street smart fighters in Step Up, Step Up 2 and The Fighter and a current-day soldier in G.I.: The Rise Of Cobra, Channing Tatum is now playing the celebrated, 2nd-Century Roman soldier Marcus Aquila in the action-packed war film The Eagle. Aquila heads out on a dangerous trek to restore his father’s tarnished reputation and try to find the emblem of gold that disappeared with his father and his thousand of troops over two decades ago. "Those costumes were tough to wear, they weighed a ton a piece," Tatum jokingly recalls. "Sometimes, when we would work 20-hours-a-day, there were a few of the soldiers who would sleep in the armor and worry about cleaning up the next day." While Marcus Aquila is going through the savage wilderness of Caledonia, Marcus must rely on his embittered slave, Esca (Jamie Bell of Billy Elliot and King Kong fame), to help them navigate through the perilous region. Boundaries of loyalty and betrayal, friendship and hatred, deceit and heroism are all tested on Marcus’ long and dangerous journey. Tatum, best known for well-defined, beefcake, physique, doesn’t have have any complaints about his work-out regime when he has an action film scheduled. "Man, the greatest thing about my career is like I get to be really on and then really off. I go and I’m at home and I’m drinking beer and cheeseburgers and pizza and chocolate cake," confesses Tatum, who is currently filming the former Johnny Depp role for the remake of the TV hit 21 Jump Street. "Then when I’m on for the movie, I get really serious and it’s all the way to the wall. The thing that’s great is I have all day to work out. People that do 9-to-5s don’t, so I wake up and I run for an hour. And then I go and do my training, so when I was doing Fighting, I’d go and I’d work out for two-and-a-half hours, would fight, just straight up learning how to fight, learning how to be comfortable on the ground, standing up and taking punches and getting punches and blocking them. Then I’d go home and I’d run for another hour-and-a-half or whatever it’d be. So running was a big part of my program but then eating well was as well." The Kevin MacDonald-directed The Eagle Combo Pack Bonus Features: Alternate Ending; Deleted Scenes; "The Eagle: The Making Of A Roman Epic" featurette; Feature Commentary with Director Kevin MacDonald; BD-Live Enabled; Pocket Blu and a Digital Copy Of Feature Film.
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Uma Thurman is in all kind of movies, not all romantic motion pictures, but you can usually bet they are films that are brilliant and well-written like Ceremony, her recent film she costarred in with Michael Angarano and Lee Pace. "I love movies that work -- they're a miracle," explains native New Yorker Thurman, who will beginning filming Kill Bill: Volume 3 later this year. "And I love the people who make films, and like to see them...employed! But I get quite jealous when I see a movie made in New York, because those are the ones I want to be in!" The film Thurman is raving about is the threesome comedy which also stars Michael Angarano as Sam Davis, a well-to-do Southern Californian who invites his one-time good friend to reignite their friendship during a weekend at a lavish beachside estate owned by a famous documentary filmmaker (Pace). Slowly but surely, it begins to become obvious to everyone that Sam is secretly head over hells for his ex-wife, Zoe (Thurman), who is now the fiancé of the filmmaker. And, Sam is using the weekend to do one thing -- destroy the plans of the couple's nuptials. As Sam's plans to undue the marriage of his good friend and his former wife, Sam begins to realize how complicated love and friendship can really be. Bonus Features: Deleted Scenes; Outtakes; Extended Scene; "Max Winkler Makes Ceremony" featurette; Behind the Scenes Footage; A Year In A Tent - A Film by Whit Coutell and HDNet: A Look at Ceremony.
Hawthorne: The Complete Second Season
Jada Pinkett Smith, who is the leading lady of the series Hawthorne, Christina Hawthorne, the Director of Nursing at James River Hospital, is glad to be back for a third season about a passionate working woman trying to balance a tough career at a hospital, the recent death of a husband and a tough, give-and-take relationship with her teenaged daughter. "I’m really enjoying having the opportunity to be able to come back and play the same character again," admits the wife of actor Will Smith and the mother of her acting children Jaden and Willow Smith. "You learn more and more about your character when you have the opportunity live with it for as long as I’ve been able to live with Christina – for two years. I never really understood that when other actors would explain that to me. But I’m actually enjoying that process of being able to sit in this skin of this character for two years. And if I’m blessed enough to be able to do it for a third season as well. So I’m actually enjoying that process." Christina must deal with a lot of the new appeal she's had to move to. She's a passionate advocate for her patients: for instance, she must balance the demands of being a widowed mother. She also defies enormous odds to rescue a heroin-addicted mother, confronts angry protestors to save a death row patient, and takes on the entire review board to keep the hospital open. And, then there is her co-stars and special guests: her romantic interest Michael Vartan, Latin musician Marc Anthony, Sara Gilbert, Bill Macy, Debi Mazar and former NBA player John Salley. Smith is incredibly proud that a female and an African-America actress has the clout to now carry a primetime show like Hawthorne. "One of the reasons why I wanted to be in partnership with TNT was because they were focusing on creating very strong leading roles for women in television shows," admits Smith, who is currently recording the vocals for the full-length animated movie Madagascar. "I think in Hollywood, in general right now, leading roles for women is a very difficult thing. And so it’s a particular season right now. It’s a particular cycle and it always comes back around. And I feel as though as far as roles for women and roles for African-American women, you know, there’s always room. We definitely still need a lot of work in that area. But I feel very blessed to have this opportunity." (Only on DVD) Bonus Features: The featurettes: :A New Season," "Advanced Medicine," "Fresh Faces, "I Run This Photo Shoot" and "Cast Photo Shoot."
Shout! Factory
Rocko's Modern Life: Season One
Have you beeen waiting for that quirky, crazy and beloved animated series from the 1990's? Well, the Australian wallaby Rocko has made it back in a 2-disc DVD with 26 original episodes from its first season. There has been high expectation for Rocko's Modern Life ever since it initially ran on the airwaves, but now your love for Rocko is fulfilled. Created by award-winning animator Joe Murray for Nickelodeon, Rocko's Modern Life is one of the most enduring Nick animated classics. Featuring an all-star vocal cast that includes Carlos Alazraqui (Reno 911), Tom Kenny (Transformers), Charlie Alder (Transformers) and Doug Lawrence (Camp Lazio). Debuting in 1993, during its four-year run of anthropomorphic social satire and offbeat humor, the animated comedy follows the misadventures of Australian wallaby named Rocko, who encounters various dilemmas and situations regarding otherwise mundane aspects of life. His BFF, Heffer is an overweight and enthusiastic cow, while his other friend, Filburt, is an easily upset turtle who often feels uncomfortable or disturbed. Ed Bighead lives next door to Rocko and detests him. These folks live in a bizarre district known as O-Town, and most of the episodes revolve around Rocko trying to deal with the absurdities and dilemmas he encounters in his life. (Only on DVD)
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