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article imageOp-Ed: Anthony trial - insanity plea fails, defense smears continue

By Alexander Baron     Jun 27, 2011 in Crime
Orlando - The trial of the Florida mother accused of murdering her two-year-old daughter continues with a half-hearted attempted by an increasingly desperate defense to halt the proceedings on the grounds of mental incompetence.
Saturday, Judge Perry was sitting at his bench at 8.30am to hear legal arguments and submissions for a 9am start, but half an hour later there was no jury in sight as an obviously exasperated Perry adjourned the proceedings until Monday morning after a meeting in the back room with both sets of lawyers, the defendant and the court stenographer. The reason for the adjournment was obviously of some importance, but at the time he gave no indication of what it might be.
On WFTV, Bill Sheaffer was asked to comment on media speculation that Casey could walk free; he didn’t agree with this at all, although neither did he go so far as to accuse a certain publication of publishing a sensationalist article for squalidly commercial reasons.
When the court resumed this morning there was a further considerable delay and much speculation by both the WFTV team and the bloggers as to the cause of the delay. One suggestion was that a recent decision of another Florida court in a capital case could have a bearing on this one, but Sheaffer ruled it out. Another suggestion, apparently by one of the many tens of thousands of bloggers was that Baez and his team might be attempting to raise a new defense of insanity. Sheaffer ruled this out because he said insanity is an affirmative defense, and that it must be declared beforehand. (For the record, this strategy was suggested by the current writer earlier in this case).
When at last the proceedings resumed, Perry announced that the defense had filed a motion for incompetency. Over the weekend, Casey Anthony was examined by three psychologists, and a decision was reached that she was indeed competent. With this the trial proceeded, Jose Baez recalled Detective Melich to the stand yet again, and continued with Plan A, the besmirching of all and sundry including Melich himself and the man who found Caylee’s body, Roy Kronk.
The lesson here for Roy Kronk and for anyone else is if you find a dead body, don’t report it. The robust, almost intimidating questioning of Mr Baez was rebuffed with considerable vigour by Detective Melich, who is probably becoming antagonised – with good reason – at being portrayed as one of the bad guys in this case. All the meaningful evidence shows that Melich acted in an entirely proper manner throughout, in particular when he was attempting to obtain information from Casey Anthony that may have led him to her daughter, whom he probably suspected was dead but had to assume was alive.
The case continues. Another article on this turn of events can be found here.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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