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article imageOp-Ed: Is Morality Dead in America?

By Christopher Wager     Jun 26, 2011 in Lifestyle
Reports indicate public morality in America continues to waiver in the lower numbers, experts speculate the cause. Some suggest media plays a big part.
Recently, there has been a lot of talk about morality; who has it, who does not, and why we need more of it. According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, the definition of morality is normatively to refer to a code of conduct that, given specific conditions, would be put forward by all rational persons, some codes of conduct put forward by a society.
This begs the question, which amongst us is qualified in the eyes of society to be trusted with setting the course of our moral compass. Would it be the President, the Pope, or the media? Does the average person in America allow morality to guide them in the deeds and actions of their daily lives?
Or, is it more to the facts of "Do as I say, Not as I do" when it comes to living up to a standard of morality. Could it be we are imperfect beings chancing an abstract concept of moral and ethical perfection, when we should accept ourselves for what we are and embrace the selfish ends of our desires, which compel us to abandon morality in the first place?
According to information in an article written by Billy Hallowell from The based on statistics released in a 2011 Gallup poll; thirty-eight percent of Americans, when asked about the moral conditions of the country, said they believed it to be poor. Exciting news over last year's findings that put the number at 45 percent.
The article only speculated to "why" people felt things were improving in America, if only by 7 percent. Perhaps the media is playing a larger part in the shaping of American opinion. A point to be noted by another Gallup poll is the fact that the information gathering had been done prior to the Schwarzenegger and Edwards sex scandals. In went on to say people do form their opinion based, at least partly, on the daily news with stories put forth for no other reason than to gain an audience with no thought to the moral impact.
In this media driven society, are churches, leaders, and TV personalities such as Glenn Beck counter weights to the onslaught of negative news? However, for the last ten years a website called The Presidential Prayer Team (which does not advertise any affiliation to The White House) has been dedicated to the improvement of the moral standards of America. The site offers 24/7 prayer watches, prayer tools, and even prayer 101 for those new to the business. In addition, the website is clearly drawing on Christian roots for its substance. Furthermore, additional research unveiled a wave of Google search results of web pages with, for, or against the continual mending of the moral fabric of America. Whoever everyone or anyone feels is to blame for the steady degradation of American society, it is always more productive to focus on the solution rather than the problem.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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