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article imageObama now selling advanced manufacturing plan to spur economy

By Lynn Herrmann     Jun 26, 2011 in Politics
Washington - In an effort to jump-start a still-struggling US economy, President Barack Obama announced this week-end a new initiative designed to keep America what it was in the past, “a country that makes things.”
Obama’s weekly address, taped on Friday while visiting Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University, focused primarily on job creation through strong education, but not before he started in on the subject of wars.
After the expansion of America’s war machine in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen, Obama noted the Iraq and Afghanistan occupations are being brought to “a responsible end.” He added the moves were in the best interest of the country’s security and economy.
On the subject of the economy, the president said it has “turned in the right direction over the past couple of years,” despite many national numbers and trends indicating otherwise. While noting now is the time to center on nation building in the US, he suggested both political parties must realize, despite mushrooming deficits and debt in need of massive reductions, the country can’t cut its way to prosperity.
In order for “all Americans to pursue their dreams,” Obama said the creation of solid, middle-class jobs was necessary for the economy to grow. Investment in clean energy and advanced manufacturing are essential for future economic growth, he added, and this past week he announced the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership (AMP).
AMP, a $500 million measure featuring the federal government in partnership with universities, business and manufacturing sectors, will seek to take drawing board ideas to manufacturing to marketability “as swiftly as possible,” Obama said in his address.
In his weekly address, the president made mention of RedZone Robotics, a company which builds robots used for infrastructure problems, including leaks and breaks in water and sewer lines. In addition to saving cities millions of dollars associated with infrastructure costs, the president said the robots also “create new jobs” for those operating the robots.
Despite an anemic economy and poll numbers giving Obama poor approval ratings, he cited the robot company as an example of advanced manufacturing’s ability to “spur job-creation and economic growth” in America. In closing his address, he said the AMP coalition’s broader mission is a renewal of American manufacturing and “to help make sure America remains in this century what we were in the last - a country that makes things. A country that out-builds and out-innovates the rest of the world.”
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