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article imageOp-Ed: Casey Anthony trial – a mother’s terrible dilemma

By Alexander Baron     Jun 23, 2011 in Crime
Orlando - The trial that has gripped a nation and attracted tens of thousands of bloggers from all over the world continued in dramatic fashion yesterday afternoon when the mother of Casey Anthony appeared to go back on her earlier testimony.
A lesser judge than Belvin Perry Junior might have stumbled yesterday when an increasingly desperate Jose Baez nearly tripped up the State on a technicality. This was a complex legal matter involving Barry Logan, a defense expert witness, but Perry managed to navigate around it. One suspects that the very last thing he wants to do is try this case again. But if the trial judge is under pressure, there are two people intimately involved with these proceedings who are in a lose/lose situation, George Anthony and his wife.
Cynthia Anthony used to work as a nurse, but for the past two years she has been a nervous wreck. Cindy has had to endure the loss of her beloved two year old granddaughter, and now she is caught up in the nightmare of testifying against her only daughter who stands accused of the child’s murder and faces a possible death sentence if convicted. What is she, what is any mother, to do?
After crime scene photographer Jennifer Welch had appeared for the sixth time – briefly as a defense witness – Cindy was recalled, again as a defense witness. And she appeared to backtrack on her earlier testimony, or attempted to, by claiming both that the stain in the back of the car has been there when it was bought, and that she personally had on one occasion searched on the family computer for chloroform. Her daughter Casey is said to have drugged or even killed Caylee with chloroform and to have driven around with her decaying body in the back of her white Pontiac Sunfire, an action which is said to have left a stain of something unmentionable.
After her testimony, or evidence as we call it here in the UK, Cindy was cross-examined somewhat vigorously by Linda Drane Burdick; the consensus of expert opinion appears to be that she perjured herself in an attempt to save her daughter from the death penalty, the daughter who has accused both her son and husband – Casey’s brother and father – of sexually abusing her, and her father of covering up not a murder but an accidental drowning.
WFTV said there were a record 72,000 bloggers live on the site yesterday; contributions came from as far afield as Bulgaria and India. With this sort of drama, it won’t be surprising if soon there are a hundred thousand, but we should bear in mind that this is not a show, not entertainment, a young woman is on trial for her life, and whatever the verdict, there can be no winners. Her daughter is dead, and she faces at best several years in prison. The fact that she is clearly a sociopath will be cold comfort to the woman who gave birth to her, and who is now desperately trying to save her life.
The case will continue today, and all day tomorrow, Saturday.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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