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article imageWoman banned from every WalMart in America for life

By Abigail Prendergast     Jun 23, 2011 in Crime
Boise - Extreme couponing appears to be a growing trend and in the current state of our nation's economy, who can blame coupon lovers for wanting to save money? Apparently WalMart can.
A Boise, Idaho woman claims she has been banned for life from the conglomerate retail chain, WalMart. It wasn't just one store that barred her from shopping there, but every store in the United States. The reason it happened was an argument over coupons.
April Cuevas, who has taken up the appropriately-titled hobby of "extreme couponing" in order to save money, stated that she was informed WalMart's policy known as "Ad Match" had undergone changes the previous week. As such, she took it upon herself to discuss these matters with one of the store managers and see if she could get a better grasp on the concept.
She also decided to video record it all on her iPhone - from which an argument transpired.
According to a statement to Fox 12 Idaho, Cuevas said "the action wasn't welcomed by the WalMart manager..." who told her she had to " full price [for] the groceries or leave." Cuevas complied with the order, but after that strange happenings began to take place.
On another trip to the store, Cuevas was oblivious to the fact that she was being followed until her 16-year-old daughter said so. Apparently, an employee pursued her through the parking lot and gave her the ultimatum to go back to the store due to the fact she had committed a crime.
She then went to a gas station and contacted authorities.
Cuevas gave them a report stating the plain-clothes employee said to her, "you're leaving the scene of a crime." She also said that she had no idea the retail giant had prohibited her from ever entering any Walmart in the country for the rest of her life until the police officer let her know. Apparently the store managed to reach the cops before April could.
The issue may not have even been the coupons themselves and Cuevas said she couldn't help but ponder the idea that it could have been the argument, or the recording of video footage with her iPhone that ended up getting her banned. Her suspicion - as well as her husband's - is that it was the video.
Rennie Cuevas - April's husband - said he is frightened that WalMart will attempt to ban him as well for asserting his views on their policies. And with the economy the way it is, April said penny pinching is all but crucial.
Ultimately, April Cuevas just wants to know one thing and one thing only: why WalMart would go to such extremes as to ban her from every store in America. "I didn't do anything wrong..." she said, "... and I would also like to go back to WalMart."
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