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article imageOp-Ed: Casey Anthony trial - worldwide interest continues

By Alexander Baron     Jun 23, 2011 in Crime
Orlando - The trial of Casey Anthony for the murder of her two year old daughter Caylee, continues to attract worldwide attention as Jose Baez continues to vainly emulate King Cnut holding back the tide of damning evidence against his client.
Today’s first witness was Susan Mears, who was followed by Stephen Shaw, both of them giving their second testimony. These two experts originally appeared for the State, and they did not advance the defense case one whit. Indeed, the commentators on WFTV made the point that Jose Baez would simply climb to the top of the greasy pole and then slide right down it again. Not that things have ever been any better.
Forensic anthropologist William Rodriguez who was supposed to appear for the defense earlier this week did not testify when it came to light that he had lied about – or at least misrepresented – his professional credentials.
Tuesday saw police photographer Jennifer Welch testifying for a fifth time before Dr Jane Bock appeared as an expert witness; her testimony was more painful than embarrassing to watch as she tried feebly to convince the jury that Caylee’s skull could have been moved as little as two weeks before it was found, and that a dog may have buried one of her bones under four inches of leaves.
Today we were also treated to some interesting snippets; bloggers from Budapest; a woman on holiday in Hawaii was asked wasn’t she from the place where that trial is being held; normally people associated Orlando with Mickey Mouse – well, Jose Baez isn’t a bad substitute, considering Bill Sheaffer’s earlier hilarious comment about the Road Runner cartoon in which he likened Mr Baez to the coyote that chased the bird with a stick of dynamite, which would inevitably blow up in his own face leaving him covered in soot.
We were told that a juror who smokes had to leave the building first – from the 23rd floor – and we were also asked when if at all Mr Baez will attempt to justify the claims made in his opening statement, that it was George Anthony rather than his daughter who disposed of Caylee’s body. Probably the only way he could attempt to do that is by putting Casey on the stand, and if he does that, the State has a dynamite rebuttal witness it can tend, April Whalen, a young woman who was in prison while Casey was on remand, and whose young son died accidentally in circumstances strikingly similar to those apparently claimed by Casey of her daughter.
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