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article imageOp-Ed: Casey Anthony trial — train wreck in the courtroom

By Alexander Baron     Jun 21, 2011 in Crime
Orlando - The trial of Casey Anthony for the murder of her daughter Caylee continued yesterday afternoon with another disastrous performance by lead defence attorney Jose Baez.
After the ludicrous performance of Dr Jane Boch yesterday morning, Tuesday, Dr Richard Eikelenboom performed creditably well for the defence, in spite of the State’s attempting to pooh pooh his credentials, he certainly knew what he was talking about; it remains to be seen though if anything he said assisted the defence in any significant measure. Then it all went wrong for Mr Baez.
The defence called detective Yuri Melich, or as he prefers to be known off-duty, Dick Tracy Orlando. The original investigating officer in the alleged kidnapping of Caylee Anthony was asked if in his searches of the Anthony family home if he had found any traces of chloroform, a question that was put to him in various permutations. His answers were a uniform no. There was nothing to be gained by this, as Baez well knows.
Next was another expert witness, research scientist Dr Marcus Wise. He said this was the first time he had ever testified in court as an expert witness. He has worked with Dr Arpad Vass at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and was what might accurately be called a hostile witness, even though technically he wasn’t, though Mr Baez kept attempting to impeach him.
Bill Sheaffer commenting on the case for WFTV said that seeing Mr Baez he was reminded of an old Road Runner cartoon in which the coyote would be pursuing the bird with a stick of dynamite, which would inevitably blow up in his own face leaving him covered in soot.
A bit later, the following appeared on the WFTV live blog:
Comment From Baezs #1 Fan
This is a train wreck witness for Baez and the defence, yet he keeps going.
Another way of putting that would be the classic analogy of the man who is digging a hole, and doesn’t know when to stop digging. Unfortunately, when he did stop digging he merely handed the spade to State Attorney Jeff Ashton, who hammered home the heavy presence of chloroform in the car which is alleged to have transported Caylee’s body, the chloroform that Casey Anthony spent some considerable time searching for on the Internet. And, unbelievably, after Ashton had finished with the spade, Baez snatched it back off him and dug some more with the recross of his own witness virtually accusing him both of ripping off his employer and of seeking plaudits by using this case to promote an invention that he has been developing with Dr Vass.
There is really not much more to be said about today’s performance in court, except that even people who regard lawyers as a vastly overpaid species will probably agree that Mr Baez has earned his fee. He has been frustrated, humiliated, and may even be fined or worse for contempt when the case is over. But if he does by some miracle beat the principal charge – of murder – he will be in heavy demand as a defence attorney throughout the United States. The consensus of learned opinion is that is most unlikely to happen, but even someone who has never set foot in a courtroom or seen a witness examined or cross-examined would surely realise that Mr Baez had totally humiliated himself.
The aforementioned comment from a blogger was one from a record sixty-three thousand bloggers who appeared on this one site.
The court sat late today, and will reconvene tomorrow at 8.30 for the lawyers, 9am for the jury.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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