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article imageOp-Ed: Casey Anthony trial – yet more trouble for the defense

By Alexander Baron     Jun 21, 2011 in Crime
Orlando - This morning, the trial of Casey Anthony for the murder of her daughter Caylee saw yet more setbacks for the defense as an expert witness was ridiculed, and a complaint of non-disclosure by lead attorney Jose Baez led to a stunning revelation.
This morning, the defense called Dr Jane Bock, another expert witness, who was examined by Dorothy Simms, the third member of team “Tot Mom”, who up until now has been relegated to babysitting her. If nothing else she was unlikely to antagonise Judge Perry as lead attorney Jose Baez has done more than once.
Distinguished botanist Jane Bock said that on February 1, 2009, she and a photographer had visited the crime scene, the small patch of swampy ground close to the family home where the skeletal remains of two year old Caylee Anthony were found in December 2008, six months after she was last seen alive. Then Dr Bock corrected herself, it was not a crime scene but a recovery site or recovery scene. This will have impressed no one; at the very least it is a criminal offence to dispose of any dead body under such circumstances.
She said that the remains could have been placed at the scene from as little as two weeks before the discovery, due to “the pattern of the leaf litter”. In spite of her impressive academic qualifications and CV, State Attorney Jeff Ashton was not impressed with her claim that roots could have grown through the bones of Caylee’s skeleton in such a short period of time. It remains to be seen if any member of the jury was impressed with her reluctance to budge from this position. Her last answer to a question from Ashton after redirect was that a dog could have buried one of the bones that was found underneath four inches of leaves.
Although like Dr Werner Spitz this expert witness had extremely impressive credentials, it must have seemed to the jury as though Jose Baez and Cheney Mason had been fishing around for highly educated buffoons who would entertain any scenario however improbable or ludicrous that could somehow be dovetailed to the defense case.
WFTV is covering these proceedings intensely, and today one of the commentators said there were a record fifty-six thousand people blogging live on it!
The next witness was Dr Richard Eikelenboom. After a lengthy voire dire in which he conducted a Richardson hearing, Judge Perry made a ruling for the record; there will be a Frye hearing next week when a decision will be made as to the admissability of some of his testimony, but he was permitted to give restricted testimony today. Ashton objected to his qualifications as an expert witness as far as DNA is concerned; his principal expertise appears to be in trace recovery.
After the jury was sent out, Mr Baez asked about some apparently undisclosed evidence, and is probably wishing he hadn’t. The authorities had recently been contacted by a young woman who had been in gaol with Anthony. Apparently her son had drowned in a pool in similar fashion to that claimed by Tot Mom. Not only that, the child had been found by the grandfather, who had promptly called 911. The parallels are striking, and if she testifies, her evidence will undoubtedly curtail the jury’s deliberations drastically.
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