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article imageCat barks like a dog until owner catches it on video

By Kim I. Hartman     Jun 20, 2011 in Lifestyle
Can a cat bark like a dog? No way, you might say, but a Russian cat trending on YouTube begs to differ. Is this a miracle of nature?
In a video circulating on the Internet a black cat can be seen perched high in the top of a window looking outside and barking at an unknown target. Perhaps a dog, maybe another cat, or it could be a cat-dog like the one starring in the popular video that is approaching a million hits by web viewers in a just a few days time.
"Are we witnessing a miracle of nature," asks the Huffington Post. Or is this some trickery of sound and video? says felines are a capable of a number of variations of sound, including some that signify anger, fear, a need for attention, greetings, and a unique sound that involves clicking of the teeth when the animal is ready to kill.
In the cat-barking video the precious and talented cat seems to be startled when it realizes its cover has been blown and a human has detected the cat impersonating a dog and doing a fine job of it.
The cat promptly switches back from big-dog canine bark to its frisky feline voice and as its catty claws return it begins to meow again realizing the jig is up and now the world knows its bi-lingual, or at least as far the animal kingdom goes.
This isn't the first video of a cat impersonating another creature, in different video posted on YouTube a cat is filmed doing its version of a chicken impression.
Next time you wonder if a cat can learn to bark like a dog, the russian cat video may make you think anything is possible in this world, or at least on YouTube and television.
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