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article imageVideo of newscaster-Dalai Lama joke goes viral

By Lynn Curwin     Jun 16, 2011 in Entertainment
An Australian TV host embarrassed himself and left the Dalai Lama puzzled when he tried telling him a joke on air, but the video is leaving many viewers laughing.
When Karl Stefanovic, of Australia's The Today Show, had the opportunity to interview the Dalai Lama he thought telling a joke would be a good idea. He later admitted it was not his most successful gag.
"So the Dalai Lama walks into a pizza shop," Stefanovic began.
At that point the Dalai Lama looked toward his interpreter for clarification.
When he believed the other man understood what he meant, Stefanovic continued.
"Pizza shop yes, and says can you make me one with everything."
Looking intent but puzzled, the Dalai Lama asked, "What's that?", and looks toward his interpreter again.
Laughing, Stefanovic asks is he knows what he means, repeats the punch line, makes hand gestures, and then put his hand over his face, saying, "Oh, I knew that wouldn't work."
The Dalai Lama appeared to find the host's reaction entertaining, and laughed.
Stefanovic later told co-hosts that his guest didn't know what pizza was, but he "felt better having spoken to him and I think everyone that talks to him does."
The Sun reported that he later tweeted: "OK worst gag of the year with best guest short list. Even I am cringing."
The video of the joke has is now being watched around the world, with several newspapers running stories on it.
An Asylum reader listed as Smithy, getting into the pizza theme, left a comment saying, "good pizza joke - shame about the delivery."
The Dalai Lama, who is leader of the Tibetan people, is on an eleven day visit to Australia.
More information on him can be found on his website and his Facebook page.
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