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article imageOp-Ed: Jennifer Love Hewitt voted worst actress since 1985 — Yeah, sure

By Paul Wallis     Jun 12, 2011 in Entertainment
Jennifer Love Hewitt, who first came to fame level attention on TV’s Party of Five, has received the distinction of Worst Actress due to film ratings on Rotten Tomatoes. None of her films have been rated over 60% by reviewers on the site.
Given the amount of totally acceptable crap that has done so much to improve human life in various forms of mass media in the last 25 years, this rating may seem unnecessarily brutal, and it is. I’ve seen a fair bit of Love Hewitt’s stuff over the years, and really, a bad movie review doesn’t necessarily translate into a review of anyone’s acting.
In fairness to Love Hewitt:
First, you have to look at material. For example, Hewitt was panned for Garfield. She had about 8 minutes on the film, which was obviously edited with a lawnmower, and she had a script written apparently by the same guys who do Where’s Waldo, all storyline, “we’ve got 20 seconds to build a relationship” and not much in the way of personality opportunities. Shakespeare couldn’t have done anything with that script, or that production.
She had a lead in I Know What You Did Last Summer, which for those who weren’t living in ponds at the time was a quite successful movie.
She produced The Audrey Hepburn Story, a truly brave effort, with herself as Audrey, and brought off one of the most extraordinary bits of timepiece camera work I’ve ever seen. Not only did she manage to get herself looking like the very differently built Audrey, she actually had very accurate props from the period, which is not only expensive, it’s very difficult to get right.
Her show Ghost Whisperer took CBS over the line on ratings recently.
Even for an antiquated Old Media “industry” based largely on tongue length, this award isn’t just over the top, it’s over the edge. Chuck Norris got Worst Actor, and on much the same basis. This type of character assassination is very like the old McCarthyist approach- 3 people send letters, and that’s a public opinion sample. The other 328 million don’t participate, so it’s considered representative.
This seems to be some sort of hobby. Some magazine recently did a Worst Songs Ever rating, and came up with Sounds of Silence as one of them, being “pretentious”. The idiots who did the ratings apparently didn’t know that the world had been listening to “baby, baby” as song lyrics for half a generation, and that Sounds of Silence was a major achievement, because not only did it contain a vocabulary, it sold.
Put briefly, clown droppings, re Love Hewitt- This is an actress who keeps people employed in industries not famous for great career options. That also means a lot more in hard dollars and actual media business than a few random people with writing reviews full of typos. That’s also what keeps you in business.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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