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article imageOp-Ed: Casey Anthony - stranger than fiction and infinitely more ugly

By Alexander Baron     Jun 9, 2011 in Crime
Orlando - A report on the trial of Casey Anthony for the murder of her daughter Caylee, contrasting this stranger than fiction case with a fictional mercy killing from a British TV series.
In the UK this week, the soap opera Emmerdale has seen the culmination of what many would regard as a moving plot. A young man who had been left paralysed from the neck down after an horrific accident convinced his mother to assist his suicide. After he swallowed a lethal concoction with her connivance, she phoned the police. She and the other “conspirator” were subsequently arrested on suspicion of murder, and have now been released on police bail pending a decision by the Crown Prosecution Service, or even the Director of Public Prosecutions himself.
At about the same time, nearly four thousand miles away in a real Orlando courtroom, a young woman was taken ill after photographs of her daughter’s remains were exhibited. Casey Marie Anthony was the mother of a delightful two year old, Caylee, who was the apple of her grandparent’s eye, but apparently not of hers. Three years ago, Cindy Anthony asked her daughter where Caylee was, she was concerned she hadn’t seen her granddaughter for some time. It was only then the young girl was reported missing – thirty-one days after she was last seen.
The police, Casey’s parents, the people of America, and to some extent the rest of the world, were then spun a ludicrous story about Caylee being kidnapped by a nanny who did not exist, and about Casey’s fruitless search for her.
Today they heard, indirectly, from the meter reader who discovered her body six months later. The man was out and about when he decided to nip into the bushes to answer a call of nature, and found what he recognised as a tiny human skull. Because of the enormous publicity the case of the missing girl had generated, and because he knew the Anthony family lived nearby, he realised the grim truth, and told his supervisor, who made the 911 call. This meter reader would later be accused of moving the body if not actually murdering Caylee in the hope of claiming the reward. Jose Baez, Anthony’s bullish defence attorney, has also suggested that other people, professional and highly trained police crime scene investigators, may have interfered with the crime scene or contaminated it accidentally. He made that suggestion today to CSI Jennifer Welch of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the thorougly professional and highly trained police officer who photographed the crime scene.
Mr Baez has made other suggestions to the jury acting - as do all attorneys – on his client’s instructions, including that Casey Anthony was sexually molested by her brother, and that she lied and lied and lied about her missing daughter because she had learned from an early age to lie. She had so learned because her father too had sexually abused her from the age of eight, and because when she was thirteen he would make her fellate him before she went to school. She lied about her daughter being missing because she was terrified of her father, and because it was his fault not hers that Caylee was dead; she had drowned in the pool in George and Cindy’s back garden, even though the two year old would have had to have climbed a ladder to reach that pool, a ladder that was routinely removed by the proud grandparents who were as mindful of Caylee’s welfare as they were loving.
As one commentator put it, according to this story, George Anthony covered up for his daughter’s child neglect so he could frame her for first degree murder.
You see, everyone is responsible for the death of Caylee Anthony except her mother. Many people have been deeply affected by the slowly unravelling story of this young girl’s death, including most of all her grandparents, and her uncle Casey’s brother, but not “Tot Mom” who even as her daughter’s body lay dead and rotting in a garbage bag, pumped full of chloroform, her mouth sealed with duct tape, was out partying and on a spending spree with cheques stolen from her (now former) friend Amy Huizenga.
Casey Anthony was indeed taken ill in that courtroom after viewing photographs of her daughter’s remains, but not out of pity and least of all love for two year old Caylee. She was ill for the same reason she cried, she knows that at the end of these proceedings she can realistically expect only one of two outcomes: to be sentenced to life imprisonment, or to be told that she will suffer the same fate as her daughter.
The case continues.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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