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Alec Baldwin may run for New York City’s mayor in 2013

By Ernest Dempsey     Jun 9, 2011 in Politics
New York - Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin is considering running for the mayor of New York City in 2013, explain sources close to the actor.
That the 53-year-old actor is thinking of contesting for New York City’s mayor came out in The Daily, June 8, 2011. A close friend of Baldwin is said to have told the e-paper about Baldwin thinking for running for the mayor’s seat after Congressman Anthony Weiner’s nude photo scandal has cost him his popularity in the political spheres.
According to Huffington Post, Baldwin’s friend told that the Democrats now need a high-profile candidate to run for NYC’s mayor in 2013, and Baldwin, an ardent democrat who showed active support of President Obama in 2008’s Presidential campaigns, seems just the right man to represent them. Baldwin, an actor on 30 Rock and a blogger for Huffington Post, was also quoted saying in 2006 that he’d like to become New York’s governor.
When contacted and asked about the rumors of his plans for running for NYC’s mayor, Baldwin’s representative Matthew Hiltzik told The Hollywood Reporter that the possibility can’t be ruled out. In January this year too, Baldwin had shared on CNN that he would consider running for the mayor’s office but only in New York City.
Baldwin was also quoted by The Hollywood Reporter saying in 1997 that people in their 50s run the world
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