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article imageBrazilian sci-fi show 3% makes waves online Special

By Alexa Tomaszewski     Jun 8, 2011 in Entertainment
Brazilian pilot 3% promises to bring sci-fi to the small screen. The creative team takes a do-it-yourself approach incorporating social media in hopes of picking up funding for the premiere season.
The plot of 3% suggests bad things are going to happen to the young adults who file into a mysterious warehouse and swap out their own clothes for bland, gray uniforms.
At the get go whether the show is about a utopia or a dystopia is unclear. What is clear in the eight minute trailer is this societies youth are fundamentally unhappy and looking for a way out.
3% was created by Pedro Aguilera and directed by Daina Giannecchini, Dani Libardi and Jotaga Crema. Augilera and the directorial team entered the series during a contest in which the Brazilian government offered to support series projects, called FICTV said Jotaga Crema in an email.
"One of the things that attracted him [Aguilera] were the conflicts of the young Brazilian to enter the labor market (and other types of selection). So, he wanted to exaggerate this characteristic of our society, creating this unique process, cruel and intense for the characters to face," said Crema.
The past three years short videos such as these have become a way for filmmakers with little funding to raise money for their projects, said Hugh Hart, freelance contributor at
"I thought that 3% in particular was pretty interesting because it speaks to a political subtext," said Hart who's contributed to both the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times. "The filmmakers are responding in an interesting way to what is going on in Brazil in terms of societal limitation."
Inspired by movies like 1984, Metropolis, Blindness, Being John Malkovich and the television series Lost, the show's creators attempt to develop an "audiovisual concept for the construction of suspense in this world [of 3%] that is different from ours while referring directly to it," said Crema.
3% purposely references Foucault's panopticon to represent the "totalitarian ways of control usually presented in dystopias," said Crema. The panopticon is a type of prison building and the concept of the design is to allow an observer to observe all prisoners without the incarcerated being able to tell they are being watched.
Viewers can expect "an intense and breathtaking experience following strong characters in their struggle for their objectives in a very strange and hard world," said Crema. "The universe of 3% is more complex than it seems. In each episode you'll delve deeper into this selection process and also deeper in the character's personalities - they will have to overcome themselves in such a hard environment. Gradually, we'll also discover the tracks of how these two sides of society work."
Thirteen episodes have been written for the first season.
Does Hart think a Facebook campaign will lead to a network deal? "That's the million dollar question," Hart said. "It will be interesting to see if a Facebook campaign will be successful in this way."
Those interested can find the creative team on their Facebook page 3% - 3 Porcento.
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