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Australia's UFO files missing, sighted, found

After UFO files were released in the UK and New Zealand, the media company Fairfax made a Freedom of Information request for Australia's documents about investigations of unidentified flying objects, but the country's DOD could only find one.
After searching about two months for the UFO files, in response to Fairfax's FOI request, Australia's Department of Defence was able to turn up only one document, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.
As another digital journalist reported, New Zealand declassified 2,000 documents containing accounts of UFOs and alien encounters in December 2010.
The British Ministry of Defence released a cache of secret UFO documents into the National Archives in March 2011, the NY Times reported. The website The Black Vault that calls itself an online database of government secrets, published an organized list of British UFO and alien-encounter documents from earlier releases by the Ministry of Defence.
Also, the U.S. Department of Defense online reading room published a list of UFO-related documents, compiled from various government sources.
However, Fairfax's request for the Australian documents only turned up "Report on UFOs/Strange Occurrences and Phenomena in Woomera," which describes an October 1962 UFO sighting by a military officer who tracked an object on radar for 24 minutes before concluding it was a snow cloud, according to DOD officials then concluded the rest of Australia's "X-Files" had been destroyed after the government stopped collecting UFO reports in November 2000, the article continued.
Internet searching by this reporter found the proliferation of conspiracy theories about these missing files has started.
Australia's archive of UFO files was seen by researcher Bill Chalker in 1982, the Sidney Morning Herald reported. in a follow-up about the mysteriously missing documents.
But Bill Chalker, in his blog TheOzFiles, claimed he has "the case of the 'missing' Australian DOD 'X-Files'" solved, non-mysteriously -- simply by knowing how to search the National Archives of Australia on the topic. The DOD destroyed some of the documents in housecleaning sweeps, some were preserved by researchers and many were transferred to the NAA, where searching for "flying saucers" works best, Chalker explained.
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