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article imageOp-Ed: The 'Nazi Jew' appears in anti-circumcision comic 'Foreskin Man'

By Hailey Dilman     Jun 6, 2011 in World
"Intactivists" fighting against circumcision in San Francisco take their campaign too far when they release a comic book featuring "Foreskin man" a blond blue-eyed man fighting antisemetic depictions of "evil Jews."
Activists, calling themselves "Intactivists" are on a mission in the San Francisco area: saving innocent babies. ABC news reports that leading the campaign is former hotel worker, Lloyd Schofield, who is fighting for the rights of babies to keep their foreskin. He is currently fighting for a ban against circumcision in San Francisco, that will stop, what he perceives as, this barbaric practice. "The foreskin is there for a reason," said Schofield, "It's not a birth defect. It serves an important function in a man's life, and nobody has a right to perform unnecessary surgery on another human being."
The group has garnered over a thousand supportive signatures, enough that it will appear on the next municipal election ballot in San Francisco. If the ban is passed, then doctors, or Mohels, Jewish professionals trained to perform the circumcision, will be either charged, or put in jail for circumcising a baby. This ban would affect both Jews and Muslims who practice circumcision as a religious practice.
As part of their campaign to "enlighten" San Franciscans about the dangers of circumcision, Mathew Hess, a leading figure in the movement, has written and then published a comic book featuring the hero, "Foreskin Man." Here is where the campaign gets interesting. The idea of a circumcision ban, although affecting religious groups and can thus be considered anti-religious, can not be considered antisemetic. However, with the offering of Foreskin Man, the group has moved from anti-religious to antisemetic.
The comic book features the hero Foreskin Man, a blond-haired blue-eyed man reminiscent of the German "Aryan", fighting the "Monster Mohel" who is drawn in the Nazi style depiction of Jews. The Mohel has a long beard, pointy nose, sharp nails, and an evil demeanor. Some of the panels portray him without pupils, suggesting his demon-like qualities. He is excited to "partake" in the foreskin of the baby. To add the icing to the cake, Hess has not not forgotten to use other antisemetic stereotypes of Jews. The father of the baby, Jethro is portrayed as a rich scheming Jew, who plans to circumcise the baby behind the mother's back. In the character description it reads, "Jethro did not get rich by taking orders...Sure, a few people got stepped on along the way, but that wasn’t personal. It was just business."
After portraying a horribly inaccurate and offensive scene of a believed Brit Milah (Jewish ceremony for circumcision), Foreskin Man arrives to "save the day" from the evil Jews. After his defeat, the Mohel, threatens that he will be back, as long as the foreskin is in tack. He says, "I'll just keep coming back until the foreskin is mine," to which the father Jethro replies, "It's just a matter of time".
This comic is modern antisemitsm at its best. It is one story to fight against circumcision, and another to portray Jews in a false antisemitic stereotype. The Jewish depictions look like they came right out of Nazi Germany propaganda in the 1930's and 1940's. Just as disturbing are the comments defending the comic on its facebook page. Supporters claim the depictions of the "villains" are truthful, and one supporter wrote under the character description of the Monster Mohel that he is "historically accurate." I'm not sure what is worse, the comic book, or the support and defense that is rallying behind it.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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