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article imageCasey Anthony case – CSIs testify

By Alexander Baron     Jun 4, 2011 in Crime
Orlando - A report on proceedings yesterday and today in the case of Casey Anthony, who is accused of murdering her young daughter in 2008.
Yesterday, Friday, the court was said to have been admitting fifty members of the public to the trial every day; they were advised not to queue up before 5.30am!
The case continued Friday all day and Saturday morning with more prosecution witnesses including crime scene investigators. After Friday’s morning break, Judge Perry mentioned en passant two issues of vital importance to the jury: “the hamburger issue” and “an Italian and a steak”.
Any latter day Alexander Pope tempted to pipe up:
“The hungry judges soon the sentence sign,
And wretches hang that jurymen may dine”
should hold his tongue until the end of the trial; the verdict in the State of Florida v Casey Marie Anthony will most definitely not be decided by the whim of a hungry jury, but on a careful evaluation of the evidence, and so far there has been plenty of it, and it has been all one way.
As well as watching a video of Anthony speaking to her parents while held on remand, the court heard from crime scene investigators. Gerardo Bloise was a very methodical witness as might be expected for a man of his age, and not least 23 years experience of handling trace evidence, which included here Petrie dishes full of hairs, which were itemised for the court, and at one point a somewhat large exhibit, a cast of the spare tyre from the Pontiac Sunfire at the centre of the investigation. CSI Bloise testified that the first set of hairs was collected July 17, 2008.
Under cross-examination, Bloise’s favourite word seemed to be “correct”, but he wouldn’t allow lead defence attorney Jose Baez to browbeat him. There was a moment of levity when he said he used the word trash in his report rather than garbage, and Baez said they would talk trash from now on.
At 8 minutes past 5, Judge Perry dismissed the jury until 9am, and after they had left he elicited from the State that it would rest its case around June 17.
Saturday morning was not quite so laid back, the court sitting until just before 1pm, when it recessed until Monday. It heard from another crime scene officer, and from Mike Vincent, Gerardo Bloise’s supervisor who described two attempts to collect air samples from the trunk of the car. Like Bloise, his favourite word seemed to be “correct”.
There has been no shortage of commentary on this case from both journalists and legal analysts, one of whom pointed out ominously that now it is not simply Florida v Casey Anthony but Florida and the Anthony family v Casey Anthony, but a woman who accuses her brother of sexually molesting her and her father of forcing her to perform oral sex on him from the age of thirteen can hardly expect to be overwhelmed with brotherly love and parental support.
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