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TV execs admit Hollywood pushes liberal agenda

By Owen Weldon     Jun 3, 2011 in Entertainment
Los Angeles - Marta Kauffman, co-creator of Friends, and David Shore, creator of House, said that Hollywood discriminates against conservatives, as well as belittles them.
A politically charged book was released on Tuesday and some of the top TV executives in Hollywood may have gotten a bit more than what they expected when they gave interviews to be used in the book. This is because a video of their remarks will soon be seen across the internet.
The book raises the case of how TV industry executives, writers and producers use their power to give a boost to the liberal political agenda. The person who wrote the book believes this because of 39 taped interviews that he will be rolling out throughout the next three weeks, according to the Hollywood Reporter.
The Hollywood Reporter was able to get their hands on several of the not-yet released clips. Each of the clips contain a snippets of an interview, and a plea to buy the book called “Primetime Propaganda” which is written by Ben Shapiro and published by Broad Side, an imprint of HarperCollins.
In one of the clips, Kauffman says that she casted Newt Gingrich’s, Republican former House Speaker, half-sister, Candace Gingrich-Jones, as the minister of a lesbian wedding in an episode of “Friends”, and Kaufmann admitted that that was a dis to the right wing, according to Reuters .
Shapiro’s book says that conservatives are not welcome in Hollywood, and this is possibly backed up when Kauffman acknowledged that she put together a staff of mostly all liberal people.
Susan Harris, creator of Golden Girls and Soap, says that conservative critics are nothing but idiots. Harris also said that they have medieval minds.
CBN says that Vin Di Bona, producer of MacGyver and America’s Funniest Home Video, agrees that many people in Hollywood push the liberal agenda and that he is happy about that, when Shapiro asked Bona what he thinks of conservative critics who say everybody in Hollywood are liberals.
Shapiro said that the Hollywood executives opened up to him because they assumed that Shapiro was also a liberal.
Di Bona wanted to clarify a few things after his interview with Shapiro. Di Bona said that it was construed that he actually supported squashing another point of view. He went onto say that he only made a reflection on a statement that said many people in Hollywood support a liberal point of view. Di Bona also said that freedom of speech and being able to air an opinion is one of the most important things in society.
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