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article imageCitizens organize protests of new Australian swearing law

By Samantha Emann     Jun 2, 2011 in Politics
According to a Facebook event around 1700 have confirmed to attend a protest of Australia's new offensive language law. Australian police will soon have the right to give people a fine of almost $240 for swearing in public.
Before the F**k walk on June 25th, another protest called the Swear-In will take place tonight according to Australian news site
According to a source quoted in an article posted on the site, around 1700 have confirmed on Facebook to attend the Swear-In event at the Australian Parliament.
Both events are being held to protest the new law that gives Australian police the right to give on the spot fines of $238 to anyone swearing or using offensive language as of July 1st.
The creators of the F**k walk event page on Facebook wrote on their page:
We refuse to accept that swearing is indecent, offensive or disorderly language and can be punished with a $240 on-the-spot fine. We can not rely on police to hand out these fines fairly and feel their powers will be misused and hypocritical. We aim to decriminalize swearing, as it does not represent the majority views of Australians. The proposal is undemocratic and will not stop violence or loutish behavior in the streets.
The page also states that during the walk they will be swearing in casual conversation as part of the protest. "The aim of the f**kwalk is so we can swear casually to express ourselves without punishment – not so we can swear excessively."
According to the article the F**kwalk was named after the recent Slutwalk protests. The Slutwalk was originally sparked after comments about how women dress were made by a police officer Toronto, Canada.
According to, the maximum penalty for offensive language is a fine or 100 hours of community service. Also according to the site 4250 people were given fines for using offensive language in Australia between 2006 and 2009.
The Swear-In event is scheduled to take place on Spring Street near Australian parliament according to The F**kwalk is scheduled to start at a railway station in Melbourne.
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