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article imageOp-Ed: Redefining tolerance – groups outraged at fine for 'homophobe'

By Alexander Baron     Jun 2, 2011 in Crime
An article concerning the conviction of Mohammed Hasnath for a trivial offence of stickering, and the groups who are baying for his blood.
Earlier this month, eighteen year old Mohammed Hasnath was charged with harassment under the Public Order Act after being caught putting up stickers in Tower Hamlets proclaiming it to be a “gay free zone”. This London borough has a high Moslem population, and apparently some Moslems would like to turn it into their own kaliphate, or maybe they simply have a sense of humour. Whatever, when Mr Hasnath appeared in court yesterday, he was fined £100 with £85 costs after the “offence” was downgraded. Predictably, homosexual groups wanted blood. One such group, Rainbow Hamlets, issued a press release in which it said he was also ordered to pay a £15 victim surcharge, it remains to be seen who was the victim in this case, though not to Rainbow Hamlets, because they claim victim impact statements were read out in court!
The victim impact statement is an American import; it has its origins in the notorious Tate-LaBianca Murders of 1969, but has rightly been extended to other serious crimes such as rape and violent assault. To encourage or even to allow the use of a victim impact statement in the prosecution of a “crime” of this nature trivialises the judicial process, but some go even further. One Jewish resident claimed it reminded him of signs his mother had seen in the 1930s which declared the area a Jew free zone. Though there was anti-Semitic activity in Tower Hamlets in the 1930s, the existence of such stickers has yet to be confirmed, perhaps this over-enthusiastic individual was confusing the “Rainbow Borough” with Nazi Germany? That allusion has been made before of course, but a nation in which Jews were progressively excluded from both public life and business by law, and were at times subjected to arbitrary violence, albeit without official sanction, before finally being shipped off to concentration camps, is a different proposition entirely from one where homosexuals have full legal rights including the right to enter into civil partnerships.
Furthermore, there are no homosexuals detained in either British or American prisons without charge or due process; there are no homosexuals subjected to control orders; homosexuals are not subjected to routine intrusive surveillance by the British police and the British secret police. The same cannot be said for Moslems.
Since the Wolfenden “reforms” of the 1960s, homosexuals have not only been entirely legal, but they have come out of the closet. Many people, not just Moslems, are beginning to wish they’d stayed there, because while homosexuals are no longer an “oppressed” minority, their self-styled leaders have long been engaged in a campaign not simply to make homosexuality acceptable but to make all criticism of the homosexual lifestyle a criminal offence.
The same person who as good as compared an eighteen year old Moslem armed with stickers to a squad of Nazi stormtroopers rampaging on Kristallnacht added: “For me I perceived an immediate threat of violence and had to make an instant risk assessment to my personal safety.”
Is he serious? There have yet to be reports of Islamic fanatics firebombing the local sauna bath.
Mohammed Hasnath said in his own defence: “I didn’t harass or swear at anyone...I just put up stickers...It doesn’t say that I am going to punish them; it just says what God says in the Qur’an”.
Anyone here wanna argue with God?
Later, he added “Plus, I didn’t know that the police were going to be involved.”
If the police were to have been involved at all then it should have been as a response to a very minor act of criminal damage, not as a public relations exercise or to appease another “oppressed” minority screaming for its rights at the expense of everyone else. The guy made a peaceful protest against what he sees as sin, and no amount of either outrage or unwarranted state persecution will make him change his mind, but it just might light the flame of homophobia those who are now baying for his blood claim they want to avert. Justice has been done, and he has paid for his "crime" to the tune of two hundred pounds, not a light punishment for an unemployed youth in these hard times. Let that be an end to it.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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