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article imageOp-Ed: Alec Baldwin succumbs to Twitter #peerpressure

By Melissa Hayes     May 31, 2011 in Entertainment
Alec Baldwin is a twit, or at least he’s become one. As of May 27, the “30 Rock” star has joined the tweeting ranks, and has begun making his mark in the Twitter world.
Maybe he’s not up to Guinness World Record standards, á la Charlie Sheen—who claimed 1 million followers in a little over 24 hours, a phenomenon covered by CNN—but Baldwin has already racked up nearly 50,000 Twitter groupies after just five days of, at times quite possibly inebriated, twittering. “Friend told me today not to drink and tweet,” the actor said a few days in. Not a bad feat.
Baldwin is just another big name among the growing list of celebrities connected to the social networking site with an overwhelming legion of fans. In early May, Lady Gaga was named the first user to reach over 10 million followers, an accomplishment matched by one Justin Bieber by the end of the month, as reported by MTV UK.
With such rapidly towering numbers, and Twitter ranked the ninth most visited website worldwide based on web traffic reports by Alexa Internet, you have to wonder what makes celebrities so fascinating that people are latching onto their every (under 140 character) thought—much of which is made up of mundane facts, like what they ate for breakfast, or in some cases, complete and utter nonsense.
Sheen, for example, won his Twitter record over a very public meltdown. Is he crazy, a genius, or just a desperate man who saw his chance to make the most of an embarrassing situation? No one really knows for sure. But with tweets about “winning,” “tigerblood,” and “trolls,” the down-and-out actor made incomparable waves in the Twitterverse, and the media.
With tweeting heavyweights like Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher, Oprah and Ellen DeGeneres on board (all ranked respectively in the top 11 most followed, based on findings by Twitaholic), and Twitter records just waiting to be topped, trumped and broken, the site is very much alive, and housing said celebrity tweets—whether they be nonsensical, helpful, witty or shamelessly self-promoting. And you know what, the world is watching, and waiting for more.
So, what is Twitter good for? As I write this, I am made aware that our friend Baldwin is on set with Russell Brand. My life is complete.
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