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article imageLevi Bellfield - a timeline

By Alexander Baron     May 26, 2011 in Crime
A chronology of the life and alleged crimes of Levi Bellfield up until the start of his trial for the kidnap and murder of Amanda Jane Dowler.
The following chronology was compiled largely from Newsbank, though this is no guarantee against errors. At least two dates of birth have been given for Bellfield.
Bellfield is described by various publications as a former company director and as a (former) nightclub bouncer - door security man - and as a wheel-clamper. He was at times all of these.
May 15, 1968: According to the Sun of February 26, 2008, Levi Bellfield is born Levi Rabetts at Isleworth, Middlesex. The claim in the same edition of this notorious tabloid that he once tried to have sex with his sister's pet rabbit is probably not to be believed.
June 1980: Fourteen year old Patsy Morris is found strangled on Hounslow Heath. There has been some speculation that Bellfield was responsible.
1981: Bellfield's first criminal conviction - for burglary.
1990: Bellfield is convicted of assaulting a police officer in a domestic incident; he is gaoled.
March 20, 2002: Surrey schoolgirl Rachel Cowles is offered a lift by a man who claims to be her new neighbour. She declines. When she arrives home, her mother phones the police.
March 21, 2002: Thirteen year old Amanda Jane (Milly) Dowler disappears without trace on her way home from school. She is last seen alive near Walton-on-Thames Station.
March 28, 2002: Exactly a week after she disappeared, a reconstruction is screened by the BBC's Crimewatch programme.
cMay 4, 2002: The Sun newspaper offers a £100,000 reward to find the missing teenager.
September 18, 2002: Skeletal remains are discovered by mushroom pickers in Yateley Heath Woods, some twenty-five miles from where she was last seen alive. Dental records confirm the grim truth. Over the coming months, a number of false leads are generated by sick or disturbed people.
February 4, 2003: In the small hours, nineteen year old Irish gap year student Marsha Mcdonnell is attacked and left for dead in a South West London street.
February 5, 2003: At 4.41pm, Marsha Mcdonnell dies in Kingston Hospital with her parents at her bedside.
March 26, 2003: Surrey Police offer a £50,000 reward in connection with the Amanda Dowler inquiry.
May 28, 2004: Eighteen year old Kate Sheedy goes out to celebrate with schoolfriends. On her way home she is run down by a car, which then reverses over her. She spends three weeks in hospital, two of them in intensive care.
August 19, 2004: Amélie Delagrange, a twenty-two year old French national, is attacked at Twickenham, South West London on her way home from a night out. She is found shortly after the attack and transported to hospital, but dies after midnight.
August 25, 2004: Bellfield has a suspected nervous breakdown, and is admitted to hospital.
Late August 2004: A woman believed to be a foreign tourist, reports being attacked on November 5, 2002 after hearing of the murder of Amélie Delagrange.
November 4, 2004: Bellfield is identified as a suspect in the murder of Amélie Delagrange, Operation Yeaddiss.
8.30am, Monday, November 22, 2004: According to the London Evening Standard, Bellfield was arrested at his West Drayton home that morning on suspicion of the murder of Amélie Delagrange; it was also said he was being question about the murder of Marsha McDonnell and a previously unreported attack on a 26 year old woman on November 5, 2002.
November 23, 2004: Police apply for and are granted an extention to question Bellfield. The Sun newspaper reports Bellfield is also known as Lee Rabbetts, and is a suspect in the murder of Amanda Dowler.
November 24, 2004: Police are reported to be searching Bellfield's house and garden; they are said to have removed some furniture.
November 25, 2004: Bellfield is bailed in connection with the murder of Amélie Delagrange only to be immediately rearrested on rape charges. He is accused of attacking a woman in a car in 1995, and to have raped the same woman twice in 2001. After appearing at Horseferry Road Magistrates' Court, he is remanded in custody until December 2.
Before appearing in court he is said to have been rushed to hospital after an apparent suicide attempt.
December 9, 2004: Bellfield is remanded in custody at Horseferry Road, although he does not actually appear in court.
Thursday, March 2, 2006: Bellfield, described as a wheel-clamper and nightclub doorman, is charged with the murder of French student Amélie Delagrange and with five other attacks on women between October 2001 and August 2004 including the attempted murder of eighteen year old Kate Sheedy.
He is also charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm on and the attempted murder of Irma Dragoshi near London's Heathrow Airport in December 2003, and with the false imprisonment of seventeen year old Anna-Maria Rennie in Hospital Bridge Road, Twickenham, October 2001.
March 2005: Anna-Maria Rennie identifies Bellfield in a police line up.
May 25, 2006: Bellfield is charged with the murder of Marsha Mcdonnell. At Bow Street Magistrates' Court he appears in the dock with three security guards.
June 9, 2006: Bellfield is committed for trial at the Central Criminal Court, April 16, 2007. He appears by video link from Woodhill Prison.
April 16, 2006: Bellfield's trial is delayed at the request of the defence.
October 12, 2007: Bellfield's trial opens; he is prosecuted by Brian Altman, who would later also prosecute him for the murder of Amanda Dowler.
January 16, 2008: At his trial, Bellfield blames Sunil Gharu for the crimes of which he will shortly be convicted.
February 25, 2008: Bellfield is convicted of the murders of Amélie Delagrange and Marsha McDonnell, and the attempted murder of Kate Sheedy. The jurors fail to reach verdicts concerning Bellfield's alleged attacks on Irma Dragoshi and Anna-Maria Rennie.
The Evening Standard reports he used 42 pseudonyms. He refuses to attend court, where he is given a whole life tariff.
February 26, 2008: In the wake of his conviction, Bellfield is named as the prime suspect in the hunt for the killer of Amanda Dowler, Operation Ruby.
January 30, 2009: My Dad The Serial Killer, a documentary about Bellfield's daughters, is screened by Channel 4.
March 30, 2010: CPS lawyer Nigel Pilkington announces that Bellfield is to be charged with three offences.
April 23, 2009: One of Bellfield's daughters tells Five News she believes he murdered Amanda Dowler.
August 4, 2009: Nirmal Gharu, an associate of Bellfield, is arrested and later released without charge. He is said not to be a suspect in the murder of Milly Dowler, but may have innocently disposed of a car used in the course of the crime.
April 13, 2010: Bellfield appears at Staines Magistrates' Court by video link from Wakefield Prison to be formally charged with the murder of Amanda Dowler and two other charges.
May 10, 2011: Bellfield's second murder trial opens in Court 8 at the Central Criminal Court before Mr Justice Wilkie; he is defended by Jeffrey Samuels, QC.
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