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article imageToronto woman completes 'manbbatical' - no sex, dating, kissing Special

By David Silverberg     May 24, 2011 in Lifestyle
Toronto - A Toronto comedian recently completed her one-year so-called "manbbatical" - a full year without dating, sex, or even flirting. What did Claire Brosseau learn during her vacation from men?
"I just don't feel like boning a dude just because it's over."
That's Claire Brosseau, 34, telling me why her 365 days off sex isn't triggering the boy-craziness you'd expect from a beautiful single girl starving herself of intimacy. But on the night after her "manbbatical" was completed, Brosseau has a more pragmatic view of relationships.
"I am proud of myself and all that I accomplished this year," she says in an interview at Rhino on Queen Street West in Toronto. "When I meet the right guy, I'll know it."
Last May, Brosseau decided to take one year off dating and sleeping with guys. She couldn't even indulge in random makeout sessions or accept any flirtatious advances. She blogged about her experience almost every day on her own site, and also published snippets of that blog on NOW's website.
Why did she decide to take a manbbatical? "I was in a vicious cycle of dating douchebags and men who just weren't right for me," she admits. Starting a "he-tox" allowed her to figure out what she wanted in relationships and, well, in life.
"I realized I'm happy being alone, I'm fine with it," she says. In fact, being alone this past year proved fortuitious for the young actor/comedian: she nabbed her own TV special, to air later this year on The Comedy Network; she performed in nation-wide stand-up competitions; she visited L.A. to score American management; and she acted in a Hollywood film If I Were You starring Marcia Gay Harden, due for a release later this year.
"I've always been committed to being an actor but this year was truly special," she says.
On her blog, Brosseau worries about becoming a workaholic, though. "What if I become one of those creeps, who only ever thinks about & does work? We all know that all work & no play makes Jack a dull boy. I don’t want to be a dull Jack! But I’m scared… has my hymen/integrity grown back?"
Claire Brosseau during a stand-up act
Claire Brosseau during a stand-up act
Lauren Hammersley
What about men who may wander into her life now?
"I'm only to give myself to a guy until I know it's real," she says. "I want to make sure that guy deserves me, all of me."
And, for the record, Brosseau has yet to break her no-sex streak, saying she'll update her blog the first time she's with a guy.
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