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article imageOp-Ed: Best practice option for pro writers — Word 2010 Special

By Paul Wallis     May 23, 2011 in Technology
I write 4,000 words of SEO per day, plus other articles. My old Word program crashed on me after 13 books, thousands of articles and millions of words. The new Word 2010 is all over its predecessors.
I was using XP, and needed to upgrade anyway. I wasn’t expecting a lot out of Office 2010 generally, but Word 2010 is definitely several steps up and in the right direction.
Microsoft has done something simple but extremely effective- They’ve created a much better layout and far superior on-screen operational approach. This isn’t exactly new technology- It’s better; the right technology in the right places. Forget “user friendly”, this is “user productive”, and it’s a high value tool for those of us who are on screens all day and all night.
It really is better to get the feel of Word 2010 to appreciate its productivity. Microsoft have a test drive download which is a big help, but it can also take a lot of getting used to, if you’ve been using older systems, so I’ll run through the basic features.
The File tab couldn’t possibly get any simpler. It includes a current doc preview, permissions, prepare for sharing, and even a “versions” function for other versions of documents.
The Word 2010 Home tab looks very like the old toolbar, a considerate approach to users trying to find their way around. However, this includes a much bigger, better range of headings, styles and easy access to the editing functions, which have been replaced by the Change Styles and Editing buttons on the far right.
The insert tab is a self-explanatory toolbar which includes an Embed Flash and equations, useful for technical writers and media people. Auto Text is under the button “Quick Parts”. Charts, screenshot functions and other additions are grouped under Illustrations on the left.
Page Layout
One of my favourites, because I like to recolor pages to a light flat green to reduce glare, this tab also allows you to colour the pages, watermark, insert borders, etc.
If you’re used to the old Word versions, this page will come as a very pleasant surprise. Instant footnotes, even a bibliography and an Insert Index function. Pretty handy for report writers and those trying to structure their docs efficiently.
This tab is a useful tie-in for mail functions generally, and even has a Merge to Adobe PDF button.
This is the old “everything” function on previous versions of Word. It includes spelling and grammar, research, if you please, thesaurus, word count, language, and collaboration tools, document protection and even a “Block Authors” button, which may well be the answer to many people’s dreams.
(…Like those of us who’ve had a business document returned corrected in pink text using 19th century English with capitalized nouns, for example… If Microsoft would like to consider including a chainsaw with the next upgrade, I’d appreciate it very much.)
The view button is a much improved, far more flexible version of the previously rather limited functions of the past. It’s not so different as to be difficult, but can come as a surprise when you first see it.
The Acrobat tab is the tab that always had to happen sooner or later. It’s never made sense to have to do separate functions to turn a Word doc into a PDF, and that problem has now finally been buried.
…And now the good news
Those features are just the nuts and bolts. Seeing the machine at work is better. I’ve found that productivity goes through the roof. Word 2010 includes a mobile mouseover toolbar for highlighted text and excellent right click options for everything from tables to hyperlinks.
The descriptor for Word 2010 is “fluency”. This software runs on rails, and it’s so much better than the previous Word packages that it deserves recognition. I did 12 500 word SEO articles yesterday and didn’t even raise a sweat. Word 2010 provides good on-screen while you type editing, and the mobile mouseover toolbar is saving me a lot of time in formatting. I’ve got a word count in the tray now up to 719.
If you’re a pro writer, just get this software. You’ll get more done with less fuss than ever before. If you’re typing hooves on your fingers, this is what you need. If you’re using 64 bit architecture, you’ll be blown away by how fast and how responsive Word 2010 can be. I was, and I can honestly say the hard grind of the constant writing is now almost unnoticeable.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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