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article imageObama tells supporters on Monday he has ‘brought about change’

By Lynn Herrmann     May 17, 2011 in Politics
Washington - Seeking early momentum for a second term in the White House, President Barack Obama told supporters Monday night not to look at the first part of his presidency with “complacency,” letting them know he has already brought “change.”
Speaking at a fundraiser at the Capital Hilton, Obama delivered his speech centered on motivating his base. “When you think back to these last two and a half years, I want you to do so not with complacency, not with full satisfaction, but I want it to motivate you," AP reports.
Obama spoke to about 600 supporters, letting them know those who had hoped for change during his 2008 election campaign have already received it. “Don’t let people tell you that we can’t bring about change. We have already brought about change,” he continued.
As home prices across the nation continue their downward spiral and American’s war machine has expanded operations into Libya and Yemen, and as America has continued its occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq, and as the US has seen the greatest environmental catastrophe in its history last year in the Gulf of Mexico resulting in virtually no action from the administration, and as Obama compromised with the GOP on tax cuts for the wealthy, and as Obama opens up more offshore oil and gas drilling, and as the country is now in the throes of escalating gas prices at the pump, it is unlikely many of the president’s 2008 supporters are thinking this is the sort of change they would get.
In late April, at a fundraiser event in San Francisco, protesters momentarily took over the high-priced affair - around 200 donors paid between $5,000 to $38,500 to watch the president talk - to protest, in song, the treatment of Pvt. Bradley Manning, the soldier accused of allegedly leaking embarrassing government documents to Wikileaks.
The event was filmed by San Francisco Chronicle pool reporter Carla Marinucci, an apparent violation of “print-only” pool reporter coverage, and led the Obama administration to threaten the paper with exclusion of pooled coverage of future administration events in the Bay Area.
The White House action is seen as yet another example by some of its attempt at increasing pressure on whistleblowers, another “change” his supporters have struggled with.
Backing up Marinucci’s actions, Chronicle editor Ward Bushee asked: “If something more serious had happened, would you still observe the rules?” He added Marinucci’s actions were appropriate as a reporter: “We expect our reporters to use the reporting tools they have to cover the news, and Carla did,” the Chronicle reported.
In the president’s speech on Monday night, he apparently believes he has won a second term, telling his audience: “We’re just a quarter of the way through. We’ve got to make sure that we finish our ...task,” Reuters reports.
Earlier in the evening, the president spoke to a group of about 60 supporters at the St. Regis. Tickets for both fundraising events ranged from $44 to a maximum limit allowed by law of $35,800.
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